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A Wile E. Coyote moment?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Does anyone else get this feeling today or is it just me?
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fish said...

Yesterday actually. But I've had it a couple of times in the last six months and nothing came of it (not that I don't think that its still not coming). I notice the radio is doing a lot of bottom calling during the top of the hour news segments.....that has to be bad!

Care to elaborate on why today you feel like you should be wearing your "Acme" brand shoes with springs?

Tim said...

NAR home price declines, record foreclosures (with lots more to come - "pig in a python, they say), today's disappointing retail sales and a triple-digit decline on the Dow are weighing on investors.

Evan said...

The funny thing about cartoon physics is that they never fall after walking off a cliff until they look down, i.e. they realize they should fall. It seems that stock market moves thus follow cartoon physics--although the economy walks over a cliff, it is only when somebody decides to acknowledge a piece of bad information does the Dow actually fall.

I've been preaching self fulfilling prophecy on here before in terms of the price of gold, I think it may apply here too.

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