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Bush still blamed for budget deficits

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Results from a new WSJ poll indicate declining job approval ratings for President Obama and blame for rising budget deficits still directed toward former President Bush.
IMAGE It will interesting to watch how this changes over the next year.


Justin said...

Agreed Tim. I mentioned this scenario a few months before the election, but now I am convinced. I do not think Obama has a shot at securing a second term, and unfortunately, I believe this will pave the way for a huge right-wing power grab. I believe it is unfortunate because it will be fueled by nonsensical, nonpolitical issues in a time of uncertainty with the "winners" being those appealing to the religious base rather than those such as Ron Paul who would at least try to implement sound economic policies.

me said...

Let's see, a trillion in tax cuts for the rich, 2 trillion for a war with no funding, off budget of course, and the deregulation mess in the financial markets ( the Ron Paul hands off type of regulation) and we are surprised Bush gets the blame.

Don't worry about Obama in 2012. Here in Georgia I see lots of Palin 12 bumper stickers. Dan Quayle (who I liked) never recovered and she won't either. It could be argued that Al Gore didn't recover from the slander of him starting the Internet when he said he started support for Arapanet when he was in the senate.

Republicans are out of touch and it will take a long time for people to forget how the republicans ruled (K-street) when they were in power.

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