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Friday, June 12, 2009

Spike in Interest Rates Could Choke Recovery - Wash. Post
Mortgage Rates in U.S. Rise to Highest Since November - Bloomberg
Bank Chief Tells of U.S. Pressure to Buy Merrill Lynch - NY Times
Schwarzenegger threatens to shut down state government - LA Times
Yosano Says Japan’s Trust in Treasuries ‘Unshakable’ - Bloomberg
EU says U.S. auto aid plan may distort world trade - Reuters
Ron Paul’s HR1207 Gets House Majority Cosponsorship - Liberty Maven
Soros slams 'instruments of destruction' - CNN/Money

Oil retreats after three-session climb - MarketWatch
Gold dips on equities, dollar; ETF unchanged - Reuters
Dollar gains on rivals ahead of Group of Eight meeting - MarketWatch
How much gold investment is right for you? - Commodity Online
Small Investors are Piling Into Stocks - Pragmatic Capitalist
Oil price surge sends gasoline higher - USA Today

Import Prices in U.S. Rose 1.3% in May - Bloomberg
Spending Stimulus Money Takes Money - Wash. Post
Household Wealth Decreased by $1.3 Trillion - Bloomberg
Employed see tough times, too - USA Today
Jimmy Carter vs. Inflation - Time

Canada's production capacity idled - Globe & Mail
European stocks fall after grim industrial data - AP
Euro-zone April industrial output plunges - MarketWatch
China investment up over 30%, imports down 25%? - Setser, CFR
Bank Rescue Costs EU States $5.3T, More Than German GDP - Bloomberg
Europe Lags as U.S. Economy Shows Signs of Recovery - NY Times
China’s Case of the Missing Cars - MetalMiner
Annual deflation rate hits 4.7% - Irish Times

An advance on your tax credit - MarketWatch
Congresswoman's abandoned house angers neighbors - LA Times
John Paulson Buys Distressed Debt, Mortgage Securities - Bloomberg
Homeowner associations start foreclosures to collect dues - AP

Fed to Keep Lid on Bond Buys($) - WSJ
Banks cut borrowing from Fed emergency lending program - AP
Volcker: Strong Recovery, Inflation Are Both Unlikely - WSJ Econ Blog
Rortybomb’s DIY Stress Test 2: Final Spreadsheet - Rortybomb

Woman who missed Flight 447 is killed in car crash - Times Online
Funnyman Colbert is serious about the Iraq war - LA Times
Why Burger King Put Up The "Global Warming Is Baloney" Sign - Fortune
Can Windows 7 save PCs? - CNN/Money


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