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Friday, June 19, 2009

Lawmakers Balk At Redefining Central Bank's Role - Wash. Post
Texas mogul Stanford surrenders to FBI - CNN/Money
Khamenei Says Election Valid, Warns of Crackdown - Bloomberg
Appetite for risk may have returned, but the crisis is not over - Economist
Geither's Plan to Have a Reform Plan Skewered by Senate - Naked Capitalism
Review-Journal resists subpoena for names of readers who posted views - LVRJ
Big Change in Store for Brokers in Obama's Oversight Overhaul($) - WSJ
The cheh shaped recovery - Part I: End of the Begining, - iTulip

Explaining the oil-price rally: Taming a wild beast - Economist
Gold timers have quickly retreated, which is a good sign - MarketWatch
The next big investment bubble - green energy - Money Week
What the Investing Legends Have to Say About ETFs - greenfaucet
Distillate market can speak volumes about the economy - MarketWatch
Junior gold stocks: have wings, will fly - MineWeb

Economics focus: The lessons of 1937 - Economist
Can't afford health care? Barter for it - CNN/Money
'Cash-for-Clunkers' Bill Passes in Bid To Revive Car Sales - Wash. Post
Hanging tough with Keynes - Krugman, NY Times
A new economy, a new career - CNN/Money

Bank of Japan: Must keep close watch on deflation - MarketWatch
China may try to block Rio-Tinto/BHP iron ore JV - Mineweb
Irish retail sales plunged in April, led by motors - Independent
China probably didn’t sell Treasuries in April - Setser, CFR
Chinese government investing with Blackstone - MarketWatch
Investment spending in China:Reap what you sow - Economist
Japan's economy hasn't just 'begun to stop worsening' - MarketWatch
Business in Japan: No exit - Economist

Preventing foreclosures - MarketWatch
US 30-year mortgage rate jumped on Thursday-Zillow - Reuters
Searching for a bottom in the housing market - CNN/Money
Spring U.S. housing market fell short-Coldwell CEO - Reuters

Proposed expansion of Fed may trip up financial reform plan - LA Times
SEC May Force More Disclosure About ‘Dark Pools,’ Schapiro Says - Bloomberg
Financial Reform: Better broth, still too many cooks - Economist
The Exit Strategy - McCUlley, Pimco

Weird stories of our hard times - CNN/Money
VW California Biker: a dream van come true - LA Times
Homosexual behaviour widespread in animals - Telegraph
Tiger Woods' genius explained for U.S. Open - MarketWatch


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