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Friday, June 26, 2009

China Reiterates Call for New World Reserve Currency - Bloomberg
CBO Paints Dire Portrait of Long-Term Revenue, Spending - Wash. Post
Inflation – the real threat to sustained recovery - Greenspan, Financial Times
Bernanke Grilling May Weaken Case for Fed as Risk Regulator - Bloomberg
Risk of major social upheaval likely if bank bonanza continues - New Deal 2.0
Fitch downgrades California to A-minus - MarketWatch
Did Ken Lewis mislead shareholders? - Fortune
Michael Jackson dead at age 50 - MarketWatch

Oil above $71 as rebels attack Nigerian facility - AP
Gold rises above $940/oz on firm oil, ETF eases - NineMSN
Oil Markets Stay Calm Despite Political Unrest in Iran - Wash. Post
Ageing in the rich world: The end of retirement - Economist
UNG Fund gas market holdings may be propping up prices - Platts
Obama’s automatic IRA - CNN/Money

May incomes surge, but savings outpace spending - AP
As Plants Close, Teenagers Focus More on College - NY Times
Qantas cancels, delays orders for 30 Boeing Dreamliners - MarketWatch
Not Enough Audacity - Krugman, NY Times
A Recession in Dog Years - Slate

Japan Succumbs to Deflation, Consumer Prices Fall 1.1% - Bloomberg
Q2 Growth Close to 8%, More Stimulus Policies in Doubt - ChinaStakes
New Zealand economy contracts in record-long recession - MarketWatch
Asian Stocks Rise on Growth Optimism; Nippon Electric Advances - Bloomberg
Banks may be too big, Bank of England warns - MarketWatch
Mystery of Fake U.S. Bonds Fuels Web Theories - NY Times
Consumer spending in Asia: Shopaholics wanted - Economist
In India, Central Banker Played It Safe - NY Times

Mortgage defaults in America: Can pay, won't pay - Economist
California, Vegas Home Prices Drop on Foreclosures - Bloomberg
John Carney’s bizarre crusade against the CRA - Salmon, Reuters
Real Estate Associations Want Appraisers To Inflate Home Prices - Huffington Post

Bernanke Holds Firm in Hot Seat - Wash. Post
Bernanke Flubs Tryout, Still Up for Leading Role - Bloomberg
Bernanke denies Fed threatened BofA over Merrill deal - Reuters
Fed extends credit programs until early 2010 - MarketWatch

China moves to block Hummer sale - MarketWatch
Financial adviser abducted after he lost £2m savings - Daily Mail
The 13 Most Distressed Cities Of The Super-Rich - Forbes
LinkedIn v freemasons: Joining the club - Economist


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