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Household assets decline sharply

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Federal Reserve's latest Flow of Funds Report with data through the first quarter of 2009 indicates a precipitous decline in U.S. household assets since their peak in 2007.
IMAGE There are a few more charts at Calculated Risk based on this latest data - the chart above has always been my favorite due to its graphic depiction of inflating and bursting asset bubbles. Note that total household assets barely declined during the bursting of the internet bubble earlier in the decade - not so this time around.


Anonymous said...

If you extrapolate from the 1987-1994 "non-bubble" period, it looks like we have another 10 trillion or so to go before we're done wih all the asset deflation.......

Tim said...

Interesting. It looks like real estate could go down by another $5 trillion without too much effort. It would still be 3x the 1987 level.

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