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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This was spotted over at Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed. Yours truly was also at Comdex in 1994 ... and 1995, 1993 and a couple others. It's funny how things have changed in 15 years.

I didn't think much of the internet when I first saw it on a computer screen. Then, when someone showed me you could download pictures of Kathy Ireland, I understood its value.


Anonymous said...

Mish, What is this internet you speak of?
My light-box gives me the message "Hulu only streams within the US".

Guess we're a little bit behind in Europe. Still, we have carts running without horses now.

Is this the first shot in an international blog war? Where would you yanks be without 'French co-eds gone wild' etc...
Think about that before you post any more imperialist humour...

Anonymous said...

I like that the "Read More On" links suggest, "Investing in Ireland"!

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