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The lighter side of the California budget crisis

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A good summary of the California budget morass from Steve Greenberg.

IMAGE There are surprisingly few good cartoons on this subject - at least that I've been able to locate in a few minutes of searching. If anyone knows of more, please provide a link in the comments section below. Here's one that almost went up in place of what you see above.

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Nick said...

Given the results of the special election earlier in the year, I think it would be more than fair to have a third pillar for the people of California, also standing on their principles of No New Taxes, Period. After all, the budget debate is really a contest of wills between the people of California, and the Democrats in the legislature backed by their state-funded organizations which don't want their money reduced.

Bruno T said...

Does liking this cartoon imply one thinks there is some sort of moral eqivilence between one party wanting to continue spending like drunken sailors and another that wants to reduce the size of govn't, not just feed the monster more?

I'm a member of neither party, but if California isn't a poster child for massive overspending by govn't, I'm not sure what is. This is one debate between the parties that isn't even close.

The problem isn't that they're going broke(which is what the cartoon seems to imply). The problem is that while going broke they have run off business, stolen the hard earned money of their citizens to hand it over to others, and even ultimately permanently damaged the lives of their citizens along the way.

Depicting it as a silly partisan fight, like any other, does the state a disservice.

Anonymous said...

Wasteful and growing gov't -- chalk another consequence of lax monetary policies by the Fed.

Anonymous said...

Yea, yea, the voters of CA also want no new taxes. The voters of CA are a joke all by themselves!

They have voted for bond measure after bond measure after bond measure, spending proposals one after another. And now they don't want to pay for it? The average 5 year old has a greater sense of responsibility than the average California voter. Who wants everything and to actually pay for none of it!

staghounds said...

Bruno T, didn't you look at the cartoon?

They don't want to continue spending like drunken sailors!

They merely want to limit the severity of the cuts. So responsible and yet caring.

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