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Friday, June 12, 2009

"Wow, I have never seen this blog before…" writes Michael Ashton, Managing Principal at Enduring Investments LLC, in a note that arrived yesterday with compliments on the fine choice of words for its title (BTW - the blog is still holding at either #2 or #3 on Google for a simple search on "Greenspan").

"Back atcha!" came my reply, as Mike clearly seems to have caught on to the whole Greenspan/mess relationship, given the title of his recently released book.

I am told that a copy is in the mail, headed in my direction, and if the contents are as good as the cover, it should be a joy to read.

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Anonymous said...

....and to think you tried changing the name of your blog at one point, didn't you? or, were you just changing from blogger when things went awry?

dirtycrumbs said...

Greatest book title ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Dirtycrumbs is right! That's a great title.

Tim, after you read the book, let us know what you think. I just finished Barry Ritholtz's Bailout Nation, and he puts more of the blame on Greenspan than anyone else too. (btw, I highly recommend Bailout Nation)


Tim said...

I did attempt a name change about two years ago - I was starting to (and sometimes still do) feel like Max Baer (typecast as Jethro Bodene on the Beverly Hillbillies), but, that's my problem.

I just got my copy of Bailout Nation the other day from Barry's publisher. I hope to get to it soon. Remember the name of the third chapter in Griffin's The Creature from Jeckyll Island - The Name of the Game is Bailout

fironzelle said...

Greenspan Mess sighting!

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