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Monday, June 08, 2009

Supreme Court asked to delay Chrysler sale - Reuters
Oil to ‘Spike’ Without New Investments, Shell Says - Bloomberg
We Had Our Perestroika. It's High Time for Yours - Wash. Post
IATA nearly doubles estimate of airline-industry loss for '09 - MarketWatch
Obama’s Economic Circle Keeps Tensions Simmering - Wash. Post
Blame Reagan for our financial mess? - MSN Money
Chrysler dealers scramble to unload vehicles - AP
The safety of your pension - CNN/Money

Oil futures fall below $68 on Globex - MarketWatch
Gold Falls as Stronger Dollar Curbs Demand - Bloomberg
Investor Sentiment: Extremus Maximus - Technical Take
U.S. dollar maintains upside momentum - MarketWatch
Context Matters - Hussman Funds
The Bond War - Krugman vs. Ferguson - Slate

Not a robust recovery - EconBrowser
Jobs and the Unemployment Rate - Calculated Risk
Green shoots? How about a ‘double dip' - Globe & Mail
Older Hispanics a work force to be reckoned with - MarketWatch
Deflation or Inflation? - Wash. Post

Japan shares rise to 8-month high - CNN/Money
Bollard: Quantitative Easing Not Needed - Bloomberg
Down and out for the long term in Germany - FT
Crisis-hit Latvia contemplates deeper cuts - AP
BRICs Add $60B Reserves, Zhou Derides Dollar - Bloomberg
Another S&P downgrade drops Ireland to 'AA' - MarketWatch
China’s Pockets Aren’t Deep Enough During Crisis - Bloomberg
Socialists across continent left licking wounds - FT

Distressed property cuts other Calif. prices - O.C. Register
The Psychology of Short Sales by Tanta, April 2008 - Calculated Risk
Even the Rich and Powerful Can’t Sell Their Homes - Wash. Independent
On the House: The root of mortgage problems? -

Bernanke Conundrum Threatens Housing on Mortgage Rate - Bloomberg
Congress Unlikely to Reform Root Cause of Economic Crisis - Wash. Independent
U.S. to Propose Wider Oversight of Compensation - Wash. Post
U.S. Will Let Some Banks Repay Aid - Wash. Post

Guess the worth of Saudi King's golden gift to Obama - Commodity Online
17 Million US Children Live More Than An Hour From Trauma Care - Science Daily
Battling the slump with beer and barbeque - CNN/Money
5 Myths about Women's Bodies - LiveScience


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