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Monday, June 15, 2009

IMF says worst not over - Reuters
Iran Bans Protest Rallies After Election Clashes - Bloomberg
Obama to present sweeping market overhaul - CNN/Money
Deadline day for state leaders to close deficit - SF Gate
Washington Obituaries Offer Short-Sale Tip Sheet - Bloomberg
Is 2009 tracking a 1930 Great Depression scenario? - Credit Writedowns
Liberty Dollar's Von NotHaus Indicted - Numismaster
Optimism is not enough for a global recovery - Munchau, FT

Dollar rallies on G8 comments - CNN/Money
Oil falls to near $71 as US dollar strengthens - AP
Gold bugs debate stocks - MarketWatch
From recovery to oil price surges - Gulf News
Commodities Rock on Higher Rates, Utilities Stall - Bloomberg
The Outlook is Not Up, But Very Widely Sideways - Hussman Funds

New York Region Manufacturing Shrinks at Faster Pace - Bloomberg
States consider college aid cuts; student programs at risk - USA Today
Delta, AMR See Revenue Vanish as NY Business Fares Tumble - Bloomberg
Gasoline price surge comes at bad time - LA Times
Stay the Course - Krugman, NY Times

German credit crunch deepens - Telegraph
BRIC seeks global voice at first summit - Reuters
Foreign Direct Investment in China Tumbles on Crisis - Bloomberg
China’s recovery still isn’t adding (much) to global demand - Setser, CFR
China wants U.S. to assume global duty of care for dollar - Reuters
G-8 Plans to Reverse Stimulus as Rebound Signs Grow - Bloomberg
China's car sales boom, reshaping a way of life - USA Today
The crucifixion of Latvia - Telegraph

Is the housing bust about to take Manhattan? - Reuters
Is The Mini-Boom In Housing All About Investors? - Seeking Alpha
Patience, persistence are key in housing market - Contra Costa Times
Real estate recovering, economists say - Globe & Mail

Jawboning delivers dollar gains - MarketWatch
A New Financial Foundation - Geithner & Summers, Wash. Post
Treasuries Climb After Russia Says It Has Confidence in Dollar - Bloomberg
Washington cannot call all the shots - FT

Cravath Asks Incoming Lawyers to Delay Start a Year - Bloomberg
Switch to digital television (DTV) went remarkably well - USA Today
Bono’s China Fantasy Tour Seeks U.S. Debt Relief - Bloomberg
How the world's greatest golfer lost his game - New Scientist


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