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Monday, June 22, 2009

Insiders Exit Shares at the Fastest Pace in Two Years - Bloomberg
California’s Solution to $24B Budget Gap Is Going to Bring Pain - NY Times
IMF gold sales clearance welcomed by World Gold Council - Mineweb
Xstrata’s Davis Moves on Anglo to Compete With BHP - Bloomberg
Iacocca: GM, Chrysler should repay US loans fast - AP
Soros says worst of global crisis is "behind us" - Reuters
Goldman to make record bonus payout - Guardian
Inflation sparks glowing on the horizon - Reuters

Oil price fears following rebel attacks on Shell - Telegraph
Gold Declines as Stronger Dollar, Weaker Crude Oil Curb Demand - Bloomberg
Investor Sentiment: Losing Conviction - Technical Take
Long-Horizon Risk Aversion Creates Headwinds - Hussman Funds
Money in your 50s: 8 moves to make - MSN Money
What are investors waiting for? Consumers. - AP

Recovery's Missing Ingredient: New Jobs - Wash. Post
Manufacturing survey sees 2010 hiring rebound - Reuters
Gasoline prices and consumer sentiment - EconBrowser
Budget crisis forces deep cuts at Calif. schools - AP
Will economy's 'green shoots' wither? - MSN Money

World Bank Cuts Forecast for Global Economy - Bloomberg
China: Economic Catastrophe Unfolding - Phil's Stock World
Chinese shares hit 11-month high, driven by financial stocks - CHINADaily
S&P Says India Budget Deficit May Reach 19-Year High - Bloomberg
There are still serious structural weaknesses in the UK economy - Telegraph
Signs of the times improve, but Japan investors still wary - MarketWatch
New loans may reach 6.5t yuan in H1 - CHINADaily
German firms' confidence rises - BBC

Leader of NAR sounds an optimistic note - Star Telegram
Echo boomers a lifeline for embattled U.S. housing - Reuters
US housing meltdown was not a result of errors - Economic Times
Roubini: Obama banking reforms get it 75% right - BlownMortgage

Fed Faces A Tough Balancing Act - Wash. Post
Bernanke Must Reassure ‘Confused’ Market - Bloomberg
Fed to stamp out idea of early rate hike: analysts - AFP
Derivatives Get Second Look From U.S. Congress - Bloomberg

Gold for high-flying bullionaires - Sydney Morning Herald
Fox News Anchor Draws Ire of Conservative Critics - NY Times
Financial collapse of luxury-resort owners - SF Gate
Men-only train cars sought in groping fears - Reuters


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