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Thursday, June 11, 2009

U.S. Targets Excessive Pay for Top Executives - Wash. Post
Emails show Fed pressed BofA to do Merrill deal - Reuters
Data Shows China Relies More on Growth at Home - NY Times
The Frame of Mind of American Economic Policymakers - Faber, DR
California nears financial "meltdown" as revs tumble - Reuters
Fed releases details of liquidity programs - MarketWatch
U.S. Pushes a Troubled Citigroup to Heal Itself - NY Times
Nikkei tops 10,000 to 8-month high - Reuters

Oil near $72 on economic recovery hopes - AP
Weddings over, India's gold demand falls - Commodity Online
Dollar edges up vs yen after retail sales data - Reuters
Slump in 2009 global oil demand seen moderating - AP
10 reasons the worst of the crisis is over - MarketWatch
China’s Commodity Buying Spree - NY Times

Gasoline boosts U.S. retail sales - Reuters
U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Decreased Last Week - Bloomberg
What the latest data show: Recession likely to end in Sept. - USA Today
Budget deficit nears $1 trillion for year - MarketWatch
True or False: U.S. Economic Stats Lie - SmartMoney

Pound hits 2009 high against euro - BBC
China's foreign trade down for 7th month - CHINADaily
New mortgage approvals rise 16% in April - Guardian
China lays road to global role with economic cement - Reuters
Japan revises first-quarter GDP data to show smaller drop - MarketWatch
Anxious Japanese Are Working Themselves to Death - BusinessWeek
Recovery on as property sales surge - CHINADaily
Brazil to make $10bn loan to IMF - BBC

Option ARMs Threaten Housing Rebound in 2011 - Bloomberg
Foreclosure rate dips in May, but remains high - USA Today
Senators Want Homebuyer Tax Credit to Rise to $15,000 - Bloomberg
First-time buyers help unjam housing market - Baltimore Sun

Fed sees signs recession is easing - AP
Republican Staff Say E-mails Show Fed Overstepped on Merrill - Bloomberg
Fed can't drag its feet to hike rates, says Richmond Fed chief - MarketWatch
Banks Trade TARP for Bonuses, Debauchery, Jets - Bloomberg

When mad moms blog, stores listen - MSN Money
Planet Could Hit Earth in Distant Future - LiveScience
U.S. college grads shun Wall Street for Washington - Reuters
Israeli woman mistakenly junks $1 million mattress - AP


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