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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iranian Council Agrees to Limited Recount - Wash. Post
Medvedev calls for new reserve currencies - AP
Calif. Aid Request Spurned By U.S. - Washington Post
A Stock-Market Pullback: Is the Recovery Stalling? - Time
Extended Stay Chain Files for Bankruptcy, Hit by Debt - Bloomberg
Gold’s Summer Holiday - Hard Assets Investor
Three quick points on the April TIC data - Setser, CFR
Too Stupid To Survive - Kunstler, CFN

Crude rises above $72 as dollar falls - MarketWatch
Comparing Paper Gold to Physical Gold - Seeking Alpha
Van Eck Files For Junior Miners ETF - Index Universe
Don't Believe This Rally in Oil - Seeking Alpha
Curb Your (Commodity) Enthusiasm - Nadler, Kitco
Willkie?! - Saut, Raymond James

Housing starts ratchet up in May - CNN/Money
Wholesale inflation up less than expected in May - AP
The Great Depression in O.C.: Are hard times back? - O.C. Register
Credit Bailout: Issuers Slashing Card Balances - Times
U.S. homebuilder sentiment lower in June - Reuters

Emerging Economic Powers Meet in Russia - NY Times
ECB warning on banks rattles global markets - Telegraph
Latvia Will Vote Today on Budget Cuts to Unlock Loan - Bloomberg
Japan sees improvement; German investors upbeat - Reuters
China's holding of US bonds drops first time in 11 months - CHINADaily
Germany’s 'cash-for-clunkers’ scheme fuels sales - Time
Weak pound helps sustain UK inflation - Telegraph
'Real' inflation falls to minus 10pc - Telegraph

New wave of foreclosures hits US - BBC
New Worries For Home Builders - CNBC
High-end hurt in San Diego - LA Land
California’s foreclosure moratorium starts - O.C. Register

U.S. banks view regulation plans as just proposals - Reuters
Fisher Says Fed Can’t Offset Treasury-Borrowing Flood - Bloomberg
Where were regulators when banks were failing? - USA Today
Regulatory Revamp: Pat on the Back for Bernanke - WSJ Econ Blog

Dad's coin obsession costly for family - KearnyHub
Hollywood Crew Trashes Seattle Homeowner’s Home - ZillowBlog
New York drivers named most aggressive, angry in U.S. - Reuters
New Glimpses of Life’s Puzzling Origins - NY Times


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