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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Broad Agreement Reached on Derivatives - Wash. Post
U.S. credit rating a "solid triple-A": Moody's - Reuters
Global oil and gas E&P spending seen down 15 pct - Reuters
Obama Bulks Up `Too Big to Fail’ With Steroids - Baum, Bloomberg
Copper and other commodity price speculation has returned - Mineweb
Billionaire Paulson's big gold stake looks lackluster - MarketWatch
401(k) cuts now mean pain later - CNN/Money
A Snake Eating Its Own Tail - Kunstler, CFN

Oil volatile around $67 on grim World Bank view - AP
Gold rallies from 6-week low as dollar weakens - Reuters
Silver investment demand to overtake gold in 2009? - Commodity Online
Gold, silver premiums back to near normal - Arensberg, Stockhouse
Why you should invest in Energy ETFs - Commodity Online
“I’m confused?!” - Saut, Raymond James

Lost jobs forcing more out of homes - USA Today
Merced: Ghost Town, USA - BusinessWeek
Losses of factory jobs in California blamed on regulation - LA Times
Job market to stay dismal despite bits of hope - CNN/Money
Confidence in Stimulus Plan Ebbs, Poll Finds - Wash. Post

World Bank Sees Slow Growth for Economy - Wash. Post
Iran Rules Out New Vote as Opponents Shift Tactics - Bloomberg
World Bank vice president shows optimism on China's economy - CHINADaily
Emerging-Market Stocks in ‘Correction’ After 10% Drop in 2009 - Bloomberg
UK debt chief Stheeman dismisses prospect of 'buyers strike' - Telegraph
'We'll pay you £25,000 to take your mortgage elsewhere' - Telegraph
India Shining as economic growth records 6.7% - Commodity Online
IMF says dollar adjustment might be needed - Reuters

No recovery for U.S. property markets until 2017 - Reuters
Mortgage bankers cut U.S. loan origination forecast - LA Times
Foreclosure Prevention: New Program Shows Big Jump - Time
Many believe homeownership is no longer a way to build wealth - MarketWatch

What exit strategy? The drama isn't over - MarketWatch
Bernanke Set to Defend Record, Reappointment Debate Begins - Bloomberg
Markets want to know how liquidity will be mopped up - MarketWatch
Still Researching Corruption At The Treasury - Market Skeptics

80% of couples disagree on retirement planning - USA Today
Bad economy pushes visitors through zoo gates - AP
The 5 most expensive hotel rooms in the world - Guardian
Sanford taking a hike, governor's office says - The State


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