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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fed to hold fire on buying, talk down rate hikes - Reuters
Citigroup Plans to Raise Salaries by as Much as 50% - Bloomberg
Cheatsheet: What to Look for From the Fed - WSJ Econ Blog
Eichengreen and O’Rourke: A Tale of Two Depressions - DebtWatch
Common Fallacies About Inflation and Deflation - Jesse's Cafe
Reform of regulation has to start by altering incentives - Wolf, FT
State budget plans are built with fiscal gimmicks - LA Times
Airlines renew call for rules on oil speculators - Calgary Herald
Too big to fail is too big - Buiter, FT

Crude falls ahead of U.S. supply data - MarketWatch
Bullion & Metals: China frightens Commodity Bulls - Commodity Online
OPEC, EU say regulation needed to stop oil bubble - Guardian
China and IMF Gold Sales; The Real Story - GoldSeek
Should Mexico Stop Exporting Oil? - Gregor
New ETF May Be Best Infrastructure Play - TheStreet

Durable-goods orders rise for third time in four months - MarketWatch
The Global Saving Glut: Rest in Peace? Mirage? Bete noir? - EconBrowser
O.E.C.D. Improves Outlook for Economy - NY Times
Tom Adkins: Economic Recovery Will Be Strong - HAI
A Lost Decade for Jobs - BusinessWeek

Fading of the Dollar's Dominance - Washington Post
China buys Addax for £4.4bn to tap Iraqi oil - Telegraph
OECD Predicts Deeper German Recession - Bloomberg
Pensions crisis to hit millions of workers - Telegraph
Swiss franc slides on rumored intervention - MarketWatch
Japan Export Slump Deepens, Casting Doubt on Recovery - Bloomberg
China's overdue credit-card debt increases - MarketWatch
ECB Lends Record 442B Euros for 12 Months - Bloomberg

Realtors: Blame the Appraisers - Norris, NY Times
7 lenders escape state foreclosure moratorium - O.C. Register
Were appraisers late to the price collapse? - O.C. Register
Loan Modifications Up 57% in Q1 - ZillowBlog

The inflation vs. deflation debate - CNN/Money
Behind the Scenes, Fed Chief Advocates Bigger Role - NY Times
Obama on Bernanke and the Fed - WSJ Econ Blog
Pushing on a String - North, Lew Rockwell

Ed McMahon dies at 86 - LA Times
The Mystery Man Who Bought Ed McMahon’s House - WSJ Dev. Blog
Joan Rivers Selling Upper East Side Penthouse for $25 Million - ZillowBlog
Obama fesses up to smoking habit - LA Times


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