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Friday, July 10, 2009

This video was actually done many months ago, but it has just recently taken on much more relevance. There's more in this report from Courage Campaign.

As for the California budget mess, the phrase "no easy" seems to keep popping up in front of words like "solutions", "fixes", and "scenarios". For example, this story from Reuters.

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Anonymous said...

How about a new site?
Grab that domain before someone cuts into your market share!!

Tim said...

I don't know ... in this case, the system and the legislators are all culpable.

Anonymous said...

The politicians are unwilling to give up pork spending, as they heavily finance their campaigns via contributions from lobbyists. Over reliance on the property tax led to unsustainable home valuations (via zoning restrictions) designed to maximize the property tax. They basically tried to gentrify the housing market so they could give out ever more pork in return for "campaign donations". Now they are trying to figure out how to just print their own money instead.

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