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Friday, July 03, 2009

GM awaits judge's ruling on sale plan - AP
Job Losses Dampen Hopes for Recovery - Wash. Post
Seven banks bring 2009 U.S. failures total to 52 - MarketWatch
GM could exit Chapter 11 this month, IPO in 2010 - MarketWatch
Cash-poor California turns to IOUs - CNN/Money
The scandal of overdraft fees - Salmon, Reuters
On giving Goldman a chance - True Slant
California sends out IOUs - LA Times

Oil's record high, one year later - CNN/Money
Gold edges up on overseas markets, rupee - Economic Times
Rogue oil trader blamed for Tuesday's spike - MarketWatch
Hurricanes May Increase in Gulf as El Nino Shifts - Bloomberg
June jewellery sales soar in Abu Dhabi - Commodity Online
OPEC president satisfied with current oil price - Globe & Mail

Taking a weed whacker to green shoots - CNN/Money
American Jobs Data Are Worse than We Think - Pimco
Grim jobless numbers damp economic recovery hopes - LA Times
Is free checking on its way out? - CNN/Money
That ’30s Show - Krugman, NY Times

World markets slide on grim US jobs report - AP
PBOC's Zhou: China is saving too much - MarketWatch
Darling: Bankers will be 'brought back to earth' - Telegraph
Major nations should back dollar as key currency: Japan - Reuters
Japan's Hayashi: U.S. economy has yet to hit bottom - MarketWatch
Appraising the European Central Bank: Hard talk, soft policy - Economist
Green Power Takes Root in the Chinese Desert - NY Times
The relaunch of Gordon Brown: The vision thing - Economist

House prices and the wealth effect - Economist
Manhattan real estate market finally craters - WalletPop
Spring U.S. housing market hints at awaited recovery - Reuters
Bear Market in U.S. Housing to Last Years - Rosemanblog

Crisis Won’t End Until Balance Sheets Get Real - Bloomberg
US toxic securities funds launch seen at $20 bln - Reuters
Fed Assets Shrink to $2.01T as Lending Declines - Bloomberg
Small business lending falls sharply - CNN/Money

Recession-fed tensions grow in luxury hotel industry - LA Times
NYPD rookie makes arrest moments after graduation - AP
The Strange Ingredients in Fireworks - LiveScience
A comedian in the Senate: Eight months later - Economist


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