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Friday, July 17, 2009

CIT rushes to secure lending, bankruptcy feared - Reuters
Two Giants Emerge From Wall Street Ruins - NY Times
Google and IBM record second-quarter profit rises - Telegraph
Congrats Goldman Sachs! You're the New Symbol of Banker Greed - Gawker
California Budget Talks Falter, Treasurer Warns of Junk Debt - Bloomberg
The real price of Goldman’s giganto-profits - Taibblog
Would a CIT failure derail the economy? - CSM
Keeping up with the Goldmans - Economist

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Oil slips below $62 as traders eye company results - AP
Gold falls on stronger dollar, higher equities - MarketWatch
Financial struggles of lender CIT to 'test capital markets' - USA Today
Gold/silver ratio soars but bearish signal unclear - Globe Investor
Jim Cramer Generates 134.79% Return! - Falkenblog

Housing Starts Climb to Highest Level in Seven Months - Bloomberg
Recession Lesson: Share and Swap Replaces Grab and Buy - Wash. Post
Obama’s Tax-and-Spend Tastes Seduce Democrats - Bloomberg
U.S. may need another stimulus - Roubini - CNN/Money
What went wrong with economics - Economist

Bernanke Is Said to Plan Assuring China at Summit - Bloomberg
China still buying U.S. assets despite rhetoric - MarketWatch
China Debt Auction Falls Short for Third Time - Bloomberg
China’s 7.9% Triumph Tarnished by Rio Tinto Mess - Bloomberg
Locke presses China to speed up yuan float - MarketWatch
IMF warns pound could be at risk from uncertainty - Telegraph
Iceland's parliament backs applying for EU membership - AFP
The Big Mac index: Cheesed off - Economist

Buttonwood: Dropping a brick - Economist
July NAHB Housing Index Rises Two Points to 17 - Forbes
Mortgage rates drop for 3rd week: Freddie Mac - Reuters
Median home price up in June - Signs on San Diego

Fed balance sheet rises back above $2 trillion - Reuters
Paulson endures tough day on Hill on BofA, Merrill deal - USA Today
Bank Earnings: Beauty Is Skin-Deep - Forbes
Banks and bonuses: Going overboard - Economist

Starbucks unveils a new drink: Booze - CNN/Money
Harley-Davidson Headed the Way of Indian? - MarketWatch
How The Huffington Post Can Pay Its Bloggers - Huffington Post
The search for dark matter: Ethereal yet weighty - Economist


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