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Friday, July 24, 2009

Microsoft, Plummet on ‘Ugly Numbers’ - Bloomberg
Traders Profit With Computers Set at High Speed - NY Times
Central banks and regulation: Rulers of last resort - Economist
California Pension Fund Hopes Riskier Bets Will Restore Its Health - NY Times
Two cheers for a more diverse journalistic ecosystem - Time
How CNBC Dennis Kneale Begged for Blogger Bile - Gawker
Fed Has Become ‘Embroiled’ in Politics, Poole Says - Bloomberg
Looking for an exit - EconBrowser

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Oil holds above $67 amid improving US economy - AP
WGC: Gold outperforms other traditional inflation hedges - MineWeb
Sentiment has now risen back to dangerous levels - MarketWatch
Treasuries Fall as U.S. Prepares Record $115B in Sales - Bloomberg
Stock market rally pits optimists vs. skeptics - USA Today
Oil price: where next? - The Oil Drum

Hope Builds for Economy Amid Positive Reports - Wash. Post
Jobless Checks for Millions Delayed as States Struggle - NY Times
Bankers Bet Jobs on a Roaring V-Shaped Recovery - Bloomberg
Home resales rise for third straight month in June - MarketWatch
College graduates move back home - CNN/Money

UK GDP falls faster than expected - Guardian
Iceland's banking crisis: Pelt tightening - Economist
Europe Manufacturing Contraction Slows, Confidence Rises - Bloomberg
China's urban jobless rate hits 4.3%: state media - MarketWatch
South Korea's economy sees gain in second quarter - MarketWatch
Germany's looming credit crunch: A reluctant patient - Economist
The recession is over. Cue the painful recovery - Globe Investor
Rebalancing the world economy: Dropping the shopping - Economist

Existing home sales show signs of recovery - AP
Good news from the housing market? - Huffington Post
Home sales up. Has the market bottomed out? - CSM
Struggling homeowner turns to song, Web - SF Gate

Rep. Grayson Questions Bernanke On Dollar Swaps - Naked Capitalism
Bernanke sends mortgage rates lower - CNN/Money
Fisher against more Treasury purchases - MarketWatch
Accountants Gain Courage to Stand Up to Bankers - Bloomberg

Bardem Snubs 'Wall Street' Sequel - Forbes
Does Obama talk too much for his own good? - MarketWatch
Obama Approval 49% Among U.S. Investors, 87% Overseas - Bloomberg
Principal fired for jumping on students in cafe - AP


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