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Hyperinflation nation

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This has been making the rounds...

Parts 2 and 3 are here and here.


Anonymous said...

- I understand your concern about inflation, however, take away that stimulus NOW and you get the Depression II.
- Once a recovery starts, then the FED has to act to tighten up the money supply. But, Hysteria about Inflation Now will push us into a Depression. Can you hold off your hysteria until a recovery starts and people start to get jobs again?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a fool. Learn your history & tell me how you think the FED is ever going to "tighten the money supply" - especially with the never ending election cycles we have today. Do you really think the FED is going to stop the party - do you really think the Federal Government would even consider letting them (they aren't so independent anymore, in case you've missed it...).

Most the countries throughout history that have ended up crashing their currency where not underdeveloped, nor did they have illiterate, & uneducated populations, in fact they generally had very well educated and literate populations. The main thing they all had in common, however, were systems where the idea of “free lunches” – that would be printing money rather then working hard to produce wealth – had overtaken common sense.

I’d take a depression over hyperinflation any day. Take a hard look at what the results of each are, and I think you’d agree…

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