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Judge to The Donald: You're dismissed!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The weekend can officially begin after this story about Donald Trump is noted for the record. Not much of a fan of the man, but a watcher of the TV show up until it transformed into a cross between The Surreal Life and the original Apprentice, this news is somehow very fitting.

A Superior Court judge today dismissed a lawsuit filed by Donald Trump alleging that he was financially damaged by an author whose book suggested Trump was simply a multi-millionaire - not a billionaire.

Trump's lawyer, Marc E. Kasowitz, said he will appeal the ruling.

Superior Court Judge Michele M. Fox in Camden County read her decision into the record as she granted the request to dismiss the lawsuit against Timothy O'Brien, author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald.
In the book, O'Brien cited three anonymous sources who estimated Trump's net worth to be $150 million to $250 million. Trump alleges his public image has been harmed because he is actually a billionaire. He has said he lost huge business deals that were under negotiation when the book was published.

O'Brien maintained his sources gave him reliable information.

In today's ruling, the judge did not rule on the accuracy of the information, but decided the lawsuit should be dismissed because she found no "actual malice."
Season three of The Celebrity Apprentice (the 9th season overall) is set to air next spring.


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