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Keiser: "Goldman Sachs are scum"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In case you missed this one... Max Keiser goes off on Goldman Sachs in a way that makes a lot more sense today than it would have a year ago.

What's almost as interesting as Keiser is listening to those who defend the investment bank.


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like Max is off the GS Christmas card list!

Nancy said...

Love that look he gives the camera when they introduce him!

me said...

I never heard of Max Keiser.

I also do agree with James Stewarts column today, "I've said before that rather than complain about the success of investment bankers, you might as well invest in them, as I have. For about $160, you can own a share of Goldman Sachs. That's not to say I'd be buying it now, after such a great quarter. In fact, I've been reducing my position (as I've reported), and, given the recent results, clearly sold too soon. But I'm not complaining. As both a shareholder and a taxpayer, I hope Goldman — and the other big banks — do well. That's the only way to restore the financial system to health."

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