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Monday, July 06, 2009

Bankruptcy judge OKs GM sale plan - AP
Biden: White House does not favor second stimulus now - Reuters
'This Week' Transcript: EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Joe Biden - ABC News
Calls grow to supplant dollar as global currency - Globe & Mail
China Begins Pilot Program to Settle Trade in Renminbi - NY Times
Gold is still money when money is still not wealth - Commodity Online
Pepsi plans $1 billion Russian investment - MarketWatch
A Goldman trading scandal? - Winkler, Reuters

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Oil plunges below $64 on fears recovery may lag - AP
Wall Street's reality check - CNN/Money
Swings in Oil Price Hobble Forecasting - NY Times
Exchange-traded fund geared to hedge higher fuel prices - MarketWatch
China's precious metal reserves threatened - CHINADaily
Brief Holiday Update - Hussman Funds

A second half recovery is suddenly not a sure thing - MarketWatch
Unemployment Rate and Part Time Employees - Calculated Risk
Inflation: What You See and What You Don't See - 24h Gold
Trade shifting from friend to foe of GDP growth - MarketWatch
What's next: Inflation or deflation? - Fleckenstein, MSN Money

Protectionism could cause extended harm: World Bank - Reuters
China won't press for new global currency at G8 - Sydney Morning Herald
Sweden: negative interest rates and quantitative easing - Credit Writedowns
Saudi Aramco Cuts All Crude Prices to U.S. in August - Bloomberg
Recession may get worse, Gordon Brown warns world leaders - TimesOnline
India Doubles Import Taxes on Bullion to Raise Cash - Bloomberg
Dollar discomfort thrust onstage for Italy summit - Reuters
India said to question dollar's international status - MarketWatch

In California, mortgage scammers find easy pickings - LA Times
Google Tries To Save The Housing Market - Search Engine Round Table
Home foreclosures expected to surge in coming months - Chicago Tribune
New appraisal rules under fire - Seattle Times

Glut of $4.5 Trillion Will Haunt Obama’s Dollar - Bloomberg
Administration plans for end of ‘too big to fail’ - MSNBC
Quantitative easing isn't working; here’s why - Naked Capitalism
BOE should be given binoculars to spot the next asset bubble - Telegraph

Survey: The iPhone is No. 1 in Japan – Updated - Fortune
'Lost boy' who fled Sudan tells of his 4,000-mile trek - Guardian
Even Cockroaches Get Fat on Bad Food - LiveScience
The Laptop, Circa 1968 - Technologizer


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