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Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking Questions: Mr. Bernanke - Washington Post
Surging Profit Estimates Signal 26% Rally for S&P 500 - Bloomberg
Senator Wants Restrictions on High-Speed Trading - NY Times
'Cash for clunkers' rules are released, sparking a rush - LA Times
Calif. officials concerned about new budget woes - Signs on San Diego
An Open Letter To The Financial Media - Zero Hedge
Banks offer little love for savers - CNN/Money
California’s fiscal charade - FT

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Oil rises above $68 as rally extends to third week - AP
Global gold, silver prices surge on weak dollar - Commodity Online
Weekend Opinionator: Is Wall Street Picking Our Pockets? - NY Times
Rally may cool on earnings reality check - Reuters
Where's the beef in this rally? - CNN/Money
Biting A Bullet - Hussman Funds

Call for Rapid Recovery Is Bubble All Its Own - Bloomberg
GDP set for 4th straight decline, economists say - MarketWatch
The End of the End of the Recession(.pdf) - Zero Hedge/Rosenberg
Helping the unemployed pay their mortgages - CNN/Money
When Debtors Decide to Default - NY Times

China warns banks over asset bubbles - FT
Recovery could catch a cold from swine flu - or other nasties - Telegraph
Alistair Darling calls on banks to do more for small businesses - Guardian
Hidden from sight, debt creeps up on China - Reuters
British house prices remain flat in July - MarketWatch
US, China facing economic, diplomatic flash points - AP
Credit card crisis to grip Britain, IMF warns - Telegraph
China may resist pressure to let yuan strengthen - Bloomberg

Lenders failed to heed red flags - Herald Tribune
Real estate appraisers take it on the chin - CNN/Money
U.S. Home Vacancies Hit 18.7 Million on Bank Seizures - MarketWatch
Alan Blinder Was Out of the Country During the Housing Bubble - Beat the Press

There is no easy way out for central banks - FT
Bernanke confronts challenges to Fed's record - LA Times
Man Without a Plan - Schwartz, NY Times
The Great Preventer - Roubini, NY Times

Killing of China steel plant boss halts sale - FT
Pub campaigner forces OFT to order beer price inquiry - Guardian
Palin hands over governor's job in Alaska - MarketWatch
‘Nightline’ Is Thriving in Late Night - NY Times


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