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Spitzer: Banks made a "bloody fortune"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer was on Bloomberg earlier today talking about earnings at Goldman Sachs and wondering what it means for the broader economy.

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Spitzer asks, "If all they're doing is going back to proprietary trading - buying bonds and selling them in this volatility ... if that's all they're doing, then policymakers need to say ... this isn't going to create jobs ... Their job should be, from a macroeconomic perspective, to raise capital and put it into those sectors that create jobs. If they're not getting that done, then why are we supporting them the way we have been?"


New said...

I bet you Goldman paid to investigate Spitzer. They got rid of him at the "right" time

AJ said...

Say what you will about what (or who...) the man does in private, but I dare say that he was a crusader for the common man.

Anonymous said...

Sptizer, the offical (former) governor for, by, and of the real estate interests of the State of New York. Andrew Cuomo has been a far more effective AG than Spitzer ever was or could be.

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