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Sunday, July 05, 2009

North Korea Test-Fires Seven Missiles - Bloomberg
Statue of Liberty crown reopens to the public - LA Times
Tax Bill Appeals Take Rising Toll on Governments - NY Times
Goldman Sachs: The great American bubble machine - Seattle PI
North Korea moves to restrict economy - LA Times
California's Broke. Should You Invest in It? - Wash. Post
The unemployment timebomb is quietly ticking - Telegraph
Banks own the US government - Baker, Guardian

A U-Turn on Market Risk - NY Times
Kuwait Wants Oil Prices to Stay Above $60 - Bloomberg
Commodities: Cinderella class slowly gains allure - FT
Dollar Rises Versus Euro on Signs of Faltering Rebound - Bloomberg
Awful jobless rate is not a good stock market barometer - LA Times
Getting a return on your savings is tricky - APP

Preview: Service Industries Probably Contracted - Bloomberg
Graduates Can Find Help Scaling Mountain of Debt - Wash. Post
Deflation vs. Inflation: The Great Debate Rages On - Seeking Alpha
Hope and Peril After an Escape From the Cubicle - NY Times
Vacancies give renters room to negotiate - LA Times

World Bank Chief Warns Against Protectionism - Wash. Post
France: Changing World Requires More Currency Coordination - Bloomberg
QE just acting as a sugar rush for insolvent banks that deserve to fail - Telegraph
Trichet Says Deflation Risk Has Yet to Materialize in Europe - Bloomberg
Australia Faces the ‘Full Brunt’ of Global Recession - Bloomberg
Venezuela assumes control of Spanish-owned bank - AP
Dubai Shares Tumble Most in a Week on Oil - Bloomberg
Europe Tests Banks, and Worries - NY Times

Mortgages Made Simpler - NY Times
Another wave of foreclosures is poised to strike - LA Times
So Many Foreclosures, So Little Logic - NY Times
Housing market spurs bidding wars -

The Mother of All Bubbles - Seeking Alpha
Fed more worried about deflation than inflation - Taipai Times
Obama plan could trim back financial powerhouses - AP
For Banks, Wads of Cash and Loads of Trouble - NY Times

Chestnut wins NY hot dog eating match, 3d in row - AP
D.C. Portraitist Breaks Starving-Artist Mold - Wash. Post
Ire at Madoff Swings Toward the Referee - NY Times
Palin's exit as Alaska governor stuns, puzzles observers - LA Times


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