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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Geithner: Too soon to decide on more stimulus - Reuters
Hotel foreclosures spread throughout California - SF Gate
Industry worries haste could hurt CFTC reform - Reuters
Health-Care Bill Would Tax High-Income Americans - Bloomberg
Talks intensify over closing Calif.'s $26B deficit - AP
Goldman Sachs profit bonanza could stoke anger - Reuters
Buffett’s Most-Watched Index Takes a Tumble - Bloomberg
Speculator: Policymaker Foe or Friend? - Noland, Prudent Bear

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Market bulls take a rough ride - LA Times
A Strong Quarter, but an Iffy Outlook - NY Times
Another Reason Why Oil Prices Are Falling? - Seeking Alpha
Just How Solid Is Our Footing? - Wash. Post
Strategies for investing as inflation looms - LA Times
Gold to touch $2,000 an ounce by 2010? - Commodity Online

Preview: Retail Sales Probably Rose - Bloomberg
The Invisible Hand, Trumped by Darwin? - NY Times
Economists Raise U.S. Outlook as Recession Fades - Bloomberg
Waning U.S. consumer mood raises recovery questions - Reuters
Obama Says Economic Stimulus Plan Worked as Intended - Bloomberg

Copper imports fall in China - Commodity Online
Qatar Shares Fall to Two-Month Low on Oil - Bloomberg
UK can't afford another fiscal rescue, warns IMF - Telegraph
Paramo: Spanish Economic Recovery to Take Longer - Bloomberg
Australia warns of risks to delay in China spy case - Bloomberg
China Bans Public Gatherings in Urumqi Amid Mourning - Bloomberg
Fall in imports slows, points toward recovery - CHINADaily
India’s Mukherjee Says RBI to Act as Needed on Rates - Bloomberg

Homeowners are deliberately walking away from mortgages - LA Times
Looking for the Lenders’ Little Helpers - NY Times
Potential homebuyers still wary - Baltimore Sun
Housing market built on sand foundation - Herald News

Geithner Pushes Derivatives Plan - Wash. Post
From Treasury to Banks, an Ultimatum on Mortgage Relief - NY Times
Lawmakers Call for Probe of Fed Role in BofA Merger - Bloomberg
White House Eyes Bailout Funds to Aid Small Firms - Wash. Post

Sun Valley Slide Show II - NY Times
McDonald's quits London for Geneva over tax concerns - Telegraph
At Swoopo, Shopping's Steep Spiral Into Addiction - Wash. Post
Africa's bitter cycle of child slavery - LA Times


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