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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

G8 sees economy still in peril, falters on climate - Reuters
Pickens Calls Off Plans For Vast Texas Wind Farm - Wash. Post
State lawmakers back bill to make IOUs legal tender - Signs on San Diego
What’s in store for the U.S – 1990s Japan or 2002 Argentina? - StockHouse
Google vs. Microsoft: Net giant readies own operating system - USA Today
‘Ghostboxes’ haunt communities across U.S. - MSNBC
Inflation, the least of your worries - Automatic Earth
The Man Who Crashed the World - Vanity Fair

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Oil falls near $62 on recovery doubts - AP
Breaking the market's neck - MarketWatch
'Profit margins of gold stocks and mines to explode' - Commodity Online
Energy Department sees smaller drop in global oil demand - MarketWatch
CFTC - Futures Position Limits on Energy? - The Oil Drum
Oil prices: is there a spike on the horizon? - Telegraph

Power of Stimulus Slow to Take Hold - Wash. Post
Apartment Vacancies Reach 22-Year High - Bloomberg
More help needed for "sicker" U.S. economy - SF Gate
U.S. must be open to second economic stimulus: Hoyer - Reuters
Local Office Vacancies Soar, Driving Down Rent - Wash. Post

Yuan Deposes Dollar on China Border in Sign of Future - Bloomberg
Swiss Vow to Block UBS From Providing Data to U.S. - NY Times
Alistair Darling pledges to rebuild financial system - Telegraph
Bank of Korea Likely to Buy Gold for 1st Time in 11 Years - Donga
China’s Military Tackles Mobs in 3rd Day of Violence - Bloomberg
Expanding global trade still an Obama economic priority - USA Today
Japan Machine Orders Fall, Current Account Narrows - Bloomberg
Will gold replace dollar as global reserve currency? - Commodity Online

U.S. Housing Market Is Cursed by Brain Freeze - Bloomberg
Why did people think house prices can’t fall? - PopMatters
Bob Shiller didn't kill the housing market - CNN/Money
U.S. Home Prices to Fall Through 2011’s First Quarter - Bloomberg

Treasury Works on 'Plan C' To Fend Off Lingering Threats - Wash. Post
Goldman Trading-Code Investment Put at Risk by Theft - Bloomberg
ABA: Consumers delinquent on loans rises to record level - MarketWatch
CFTC: Corrupt Foxes Tending Chickens - West, GoldSeek

Investors eye California IOUs - SF Gate
Federal Web sites knocked out by cyber attack - AP
CVC apologises for Bernie Ecclestone's Hitler gaffe - Telegraph
Democrats wave Franken as trophy over limping GOP - AP


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