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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

U.S. mulls temporary loan for CIT: source - Reuters
Calpers Sues Over Ratings of Securities - NY Times
Intel rallies after adjusted results top estimates - MarketWatch
Shadow Banking: What It Is, How it Broke, and How to Fix It - The Atlantic
The events preceding Goldman Sachs' new "blowout profits" - Salon
Market for California IOUs poised to launch this week - MarketWatch
Goldman payouts on track to pass 2007 - MarketWatch
Goldman’s Gain, America’s Risk - Room for Debate

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Oil rises above $60 as traders eye US inventories - AP
Greenlight Holds Bullion, Buys Reinsurance Stocks - Bloomberg
Curbing speculative oil trading is a good move - Dallas Morning News
S&P 500 avoids breakdown, rises to next test - MarketWatch
Your 401(k): Getting back what you lost - CNN/Money
Meredith Whitney is our leader - FT Alphaville

Gasoline Pushes Up U.S. Consumer Prices - NY Times
Manufacturing in NY Area Shrank at Slower Pace - Bloomberg
Time to tackle the real evil: too much debt - FT
The Trickle-Down Effect - Wash. Post
The Recession Is Over! - Gross, Slate

U.K. unemployment rate hits 7.6% - MarketWatch
China’s Reserves Surge, Exceeding $2 Trillion - Bloomberg
Germany Has Been Slow to Fix Its Banks - NY Times
US treasury chief in UAE to drum up support - AP
American Express suspends payments into UK pensions - Telegraph
Irish Central Bank chief predicts no recovery until 2011 - Independent
Russia scrambles to contain Volga oil spill - AFP
Singapore's economy bounces back - BBC

Upscale home sales lag as jumbo loans are hard to get - USA Today
Banks start foreclosure on 2,500 mortgages - WSJ Developments
Bill would suspend new home appraisal standards - SF Gate
Banks moving slowly on foreclosures - LA Land

The Bernanke Market - Wall Street Journal
Mortgages Are Now a Bank’s Best Friend - NY Times
Concerns about the Fed's New Balance Sheet - EconBrowser
What the Fed's Exit Strategy Will Mean for the Economy - Green Faucet

Sound effect: how cats exploit the human need to nurture - Guardian
CA home buying frenzy - Orange County house gets 135 bids - Zillow Blog
WSJ Tramples Chinese Toes in its Xinjiang, China Coverage - China Stakes
Automated Smile Police Monitor Employees - LiveScience


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