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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oil Speculation Limits Weighed - Washinton Post
Recovery Signs in Housing Market Stir Some Hope - NY Times
Home prices may be stabilizing, market tracker shows - LA Times
Study: Using Home ATM Led to Most Foreclosures in SoCal - Calculated Risk
S&P slashes Ambac Assurance rating to junk - MarketWatch
Bashing Goldman Sachs Is Simply a Game for Fools - Bloomberg
ANIMAL FARM - 2009 - The Burning Platform
Evil Syndicated - Kunstler, CFN

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Gold firms a day after drop, ETF falls - Reuters
Oil falls below $66 on US consumer confidence drop - AP
Curb oil speculation? Why that's folly! - CNN/Money
Project Mayhem: Multiple Anomalies Detected In Silver ETFs - Zero Hedge
CFTC poised to move aggressively on position limits - Reuters
Gold black market flourishing in China - Commodity Online

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Fall 2.5% - Bloomberg
More retailers say yes to food stamps - USA Today
Consumers gloomier for 2nd straight month - CNN/Money
Rosenberg (finally) sees green shoots - FT Alphaville
Keynesians Can't Predict - Mises

Asia’s forever blowing bubbles - FT Alphaville
Big Losses at Two European Automakers - NY Times
Chinese shares plunge on state intervention rumours - Guardian
Big (Borrowed?) Money Sends New Stock Issues Soaring - China Stakes
Real Estate Developers, Strapped for Cash, Resort to "Irregular" Tactics - ChinaStakes
Japan's June retail sales slip more than expected - MarketWatch
Geithner: Happy with framework of cooperation with China - MarketWatch
Bubbly markets are OK while Asia waits on exports - Reuters

A Few Comments on Housing Reports - Calculated Risk
Foreclosures Push Sales up in Las Vegas - HousingWire
Housing’s Tequila Hangover Isn’t Easily Shaken - Bloomberg
As Prices Plummet, Condo Sales in Miami Perk Up - NY Times

Ben Bernanke Was Incredibly, Uncannily Wrong - Mises
Conan’s Couch, ‘Daily Show’ Ready for Bernanke - Bloomberg
US Senator Slams Washington Post Defense Of Fed Secrecy - InfoWars
Yellen Channels Reagan: "Deficit's Don't Matter" - Jesse's Cafe

Madoff: Can't believe fraud lasted so long - Reuters
Bernanke's Wealth Drops Amid 2008 Market Plunge - CNN/Money
SEC Halts $50 Million Ponzi Scam Targeted at Elderly - Bloomberg
Know-Nothing-in-Chief - Weekly Standard


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