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Friday, August 07, 2009

China shares fall on credit contraction fears - AP
Inside G.E., a Little Bit of Enron - Norris, NY Times
Fannie Mae seeks $10.7B more after another big loss - AP
With Senate Vote, Congress Refuels 'Clunkers' Program - Wash. Post
California's universities in trouble: Before the fall - Economist
Citigroup may set loose its $100 million man - Reuters
Old Banks, New Lending Tricks - BusinessWeek
The History of the Stock Market - Mint Life
Fixing Fannie Mae - Wash. Post

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Oil prices rally above $72/brl after jobs data - MarketWatch
Europe Central Banks Agree to Third Cap on Gold Sales - Bloomberg
China's gold production volume up 13.5 pct in 1H - China Mining
Gold price waffles as two key indicators diverge - Daily Finance
Trade of the Century? - The Big Picture
Gas climbs past $3 per gallon - SF Gate

U.S. economy sheds fewer jobs than expected - Reuters
Signs of economic cheer: The sun also rises - Economist
Hunger hits Detroit's middle class - CNN/Money
‘Absolutely’ the stimulus is working, Romer says - CSM
In defence of the dismal science - Economist

King Raises Stakes in 175B-Pound U.K. ‘Gamble’ - Bloomberg
China's provincial GDP numbers: Sea change - Economist
The Bank of England thinks the credit crunch is far from over - Telegraph
Redesigning Europe's biggest economy: Unbalanced Germany - Economist
China Faces Delicate Task of Reining in Bank Lending - NY Times
Uganda's oil rush: Derricks in the darkness - Economist
Bank of England appears blind to the economic springtime - Telegraph
Britain's energy crisis: How long till the lights go out? - Economist

Foreclosure wave gathers momentum - O.C. Register
Buy foreclosures now - before it's too late - CNN/Money
How 40,000 Homes are by Banks - Dr. Housing Bubble
N.J. housing market on faster road to recovery - NJBiz

The Fed Buys Last Week's Treasury Notes - Chris Martenson
Geithner says recession proves financial reform needed - USA Today
Obama likely in no rush to nod on Bernanke's fate - Reuters
Fed Set to End Purchases, Two Former Governors Say - Bloomberg

Experts: Women are drinking more, DUIs are up - AP
Taibbi Wimps Out! No-Shows On Imus For Gasparino Debate - ClusterStock
Japan sees green shoots in its red-light districts - Globe Investor
Jobless? Here are 10 zany opportunities. - CSM



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