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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

[Not many links work, but that doesn't really matter - from August 28th, 2005.]

Someone's been in the news over the weekend ...

From the Central Bankers
Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan - Reflections on central banking
Remarks by Governor Donald L. Kohn
Monetary Policy and 'Credible Alertness' - Jean-Claude Trichet
Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan - Closing Remarks

Reuters - Glenn Somerville
Fed eyes asset-price rises closely-Greenspan
Rubin: problems await Greenspan successor
Greenspan heir must replace 'one-man band'-Blinder
Greenspan: end of housing boom inevitable
Markets should heed central banks-Kohn

Associated Press - Jeannine Aversa
Greenspan: Investments Won't Soar Forever
Greenspan Confident About His Successor
Greenspan: Housing Market Will Cool Off
Crisis Management Is Greenspan's Specialty
Greenspan issues warning

Washington Post - Nell Henderson
Jackson Hole Symposium -- 2005 Program
Rocky Mountain High Finance
Paper: Understanding the Greenspan Standard
Rubin Praises Stance Of Greenspan on Deficits
Greenspan Confident About Successors
Greenspan Cites Economic Risks For Consumers

New York Times - Edmund L. Andrews
The Doctrine Was Not to Have One
Greenspan Warns That Economic Risks Remain
Greenspan Chides Investors
Greenspan Says Housing Boom Is Nearly Over

Los Angeles Times - Bill Sing
If 'Bubble' Bursts, Legacy of Greenspan May Deflate
Fed Chief Warns on Housing Costs
Fed Chief's Comments, New Data Hit Stocks

Bloomberg - various
Ready for the Greenspan Hosannas? Here's Mine: Caroline Baum
Asset Bubbles or Bust -- What's the Fed to Do?
Greenspan Fans at Jackson Hole May Differ on View of Bubbles
U.S. Treasuries Fall on Greenspan Speech; Yield Curve Shrinks
Greenspan Successor May Limit `Explicit' Guidance, Study Says
Greenspan Says Housing Boom to `Simmer Down,' Prices May Fall
Fed's Kohn Defends Communicating Interest Rate Moves
Greenspan Says Fed Paying Attention to Asset Prices

CBS MarketWatch - Greg Robb
The measure of the chairman
Next Fed chief faces uncharted waters
Housing Boom is an Imbalance: Greenspan
Bernanke, Hubbard, Feldstein or ?
Oil prices biggest risk, Sinai says
Greenspan keeps secrets of success
Housing boom will 'simmer down'
Greenspan to have succession role

CNN/Money - Kathleen Hays
Greenspan: Hero? Or goat?
Greenspan: Rein in risk
Greenspan: Risks from deficits, housing

Financial Times - Andrew Balls
Greenspan warns on impact of asset prices
'Market trauma' warning when Greenspan goes
Greenspan warns on dangers in US housing market

Dallas Morning News - Danielle DiMartino
Greenspan Cites Warning Signs

Times Online - Graham Searjeant
US heading for house price crash, Greenspan tells buyers

U.S. News - Paul J. Lim
Greenspan's tenure: From bust to bust?

San Francisco Chronicle - Alan T. Saracevic
The real power guys -- Greenspan decipherers

Investors Business Daily - Kirk Shinkle
Greenspan Offers Cautious Outlook, Concerns On Debt

Prudent Bear Credit Bubble Bulletin - Doug Noland
The Greenspan Era: Lessons to be Learned

New Economist
Papers from the August 2005 Jackson Hole symposium
Dean Baker slams Greenspan's record

Economist's View
Greenspan Sums It Up
Fed Watch: Forecast Calls For More Rate Hikes
Robert Rubin Praises Greenspan’s Opposition to Deficits
Greenspan’s Closing Remarks

The Top Ten Things We Have Learned From Alan Greenspan...

MaxSpeak, You Listen

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