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Monday, August 17, 2009

Chinese stocks tumble 5.8 pct on policy jitters - AP
Poll: 57% don't see stimulus working - USA Today
Colonial BancGroup shut down by federal officials - AP
There's no quick fix to global economy's excess capacity - Telegraph
Social Security crunch coming fast - MSN Money
The New American Dream: Renting - WSJ
Reflation Contemplation - Noland, Prudent Bear
The First Die-off - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil falls below $66 on worries of slow recovery - AP
Gold Declines to Lowest Price This Month - Bloomberg
Stocks drop as investors worry about consumers - USA Today
Growth in "Potential GDP" Shows Limited Potential - Hussman Funds
Wall Street fears U.S. consumers won't spend - LA Times
What ails Gold ETFs at COMEX - Commodity Online

NY Factories Expand for First Time Since 2008 - Bloomberg
Retailers See Back-to-School Sales Slowing - NY Times
Investors Should Stop "Worrying" About Consumers - Beat the Press
The Signs Don't Point To a Typical Recovery - Wash. Post
A Detailed Look At The Stratified U.S. Consumer - Zero Hedge

Japan’s Economy Shows Signs of Improvement - NY Times
Mexico cartels go from drugs to full-scale mafias - AP
Firms' concerns freeze 'oil city' hopes in Venezuela - LA Times
Housing affordability at the highest level since 1996 - Telegraph
Wave of fraud plunges Bradford & Bingley deeper into the red - TimesOnline
France Seeking Ban on Guaranteed Bonuses for Bankers - Bloomberg
Barclays lures US traders with $50m pay package - Guardian
City hits back at Treasury in bonus war - Telegraph

Has the housing market hit bottom? - Examiner
Home Prices: There's No Quick Recovery Ahead - WSJ
Poll results: Calling the housing-market bottom(s) - Baltimore Sun
U.S. Marshals seeks brokers for 3 Madoff homes - CNN/Money

Banks added 10,000 branches in boom - AP
Taking Stock Of a Year of Economic Crisis - Wash. Post
It's time to drag the Fed out from the shadows and open its books -
Rahm Emanuel, Treasury secretary - Salmon, Reuters

Las Vegas businessman Kahre guilty of 57 counts - LVRJ
The great march of silver and gold from 400 BC - Commodity Online
1,224-pound cupcake sets record as world's largest - AP
Sites Ask Users to Spend to Save - NY Times



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