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Monday, August 24, 2009

Cash for Clunkers program heads into final day - AP
Millions face shrinking Social Security payments - USA Today
China to keep policy loose as economy faces new woes - Reuters
Central Bankers Warn Recovery Shouldn’t Delay Tougher Oversight - Bloomberg
News Corp puts Dow Jones index business up for sale - Telegraph
Investors Don’t See Bubble While Drunk on Lafite - Bloomberg
Goldman 'trading huddles' offer tips to top clients - Reuters
There's no will to fight inflation - MSN Money

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Global Stocks Build on U.S. Data - NY Times
Oil prices gain to above $74 on recovery hopes - AP
Gold steady above $950/oz, ETF up 0.92 tonnes - Reuters
Falling gold demand and what it means for ETFs? - Commodity Online
The Depressed U.S. Consumer and Global Reflation - Noland, Prudent Bear
New Bubble Threatens a V-Shaped Rebound - Xie,

Roubini warns of double-dip recession - Reuters
A sign of economic recovery: Factory output is growing - USA Today
Bernanke Sees A Recovery - How Would He Know? - Hussman Funds
With Dad Laid Off, Finding Ways to Hold On - NY Times
Arizona Leads the Way in Job Losses - WSJ Econ Blog

Wen says China faces possible new economic worries - AP
Canada retail sales soar past expectations - Globe Investor
China Passes U.S., U.K. in Commercial Property Sales - Bloomberg
GM Said to Be Close to Agreement on Sale of Hummer to Chinese - Bloomberg
China powers ahead as it seizes the green energy crown from Europe - Telegraph
Surge in business confidence means UK recession 'at an end' - Guardian
Surprising Europe continues to show recovery - Economist
Recession almost at an end - Telegraph

Three More Housing Reports this Week - Mortgage News
A Cul-de-Sac of Lost Dreams, and New Ones - NY Times
Remember me? Wall Street repackages debt for sale - AP
Housing: Still a Long Road to Recovery - BusinessWeek

The Man Who Sells America’s I.O.U.’s - NY Times
Fed Officials Warned Against Timidity - WSJ Econ Blog
Geithner: 2008 bailout not aimed at Goldman - Reuters
What the Stress Tests Didn’t Predict - NY Times

In the Mother Lode, a new gold rush - LA Times
Sprinter Usain Bolt helps Puma trainers fly out of shops - Guardian
Men’s Underwear Will Lead Us Out of The Recession - CWN
Without Prospects, They're Prospectors - Wash. Post



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