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Not a Marc Faber video

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In looking for any recently posted videos at YouTube featuring Marc Faber (otherwise known as Dr. Doom), much to my surprise, this is what showed up atop the search results:

I'm not sure if I feel better or worse after watching this instead of Faber.


Lisa said...

Better, much better.

barnaby33 said...

Truly a shame she is so young. A pretty girl that can field strip an M-16 and re-assemble it in under a minute is quite attractive!

Anonymous said...

You should feel good. That is the next generation of Patriot who will defend Liberty.

She and many others will fight against Tarpy, Squishy Get-Along Republicans and the Liberal Democrats

michael.dufel said...

That's awesome. This reminds me of my plans to pick up an AR-15. Sadly, the local range got closed down after some moron shot his friend in the chest.

Anonymous said...

This is really the glory of the internet. Truly, where else can you expect to find such a video?

staghounds said...

I'll add to the chorus of "How could you NOT feel better?" with some reasoning.

Lots of people fall into the "Guns bad. Children with guns, extra bad" pattern without thinking.

I wonder how many of these children had a rifle in the house and knew how to use it? I'll bet every one, and every one of their parents, wishes they had that eleven year old's skills.

Your blog is only overtly about economics, it's really about liberty. You're a sound money man, you believe that we have the right to make our financial decisions without a government destroying our property by destroying our currency.

And you believe that the ultimate way to make sure you get to make those decisions is to be able to defy the government, to select what you will value. You know how much the inflaters hate that yellow stuff, and how they would outlaw your choice if they could.

You don't do it lightly, or without cost. That gold wouldn't be in your portfolio if you believed the government wouldn't steal your wealth via inflation. But experience and history tell you that, eventually, it will.

Guns are about exactly the same process, but with personal liberty and life rather than property. Personal, equalizing arms have been, ever since the English peasants and their cheap, easily obtained longbows slaughtered the finest chivalry of France.

What else do you think they, and their masters, talked about on the way back from Agincourt?

You might like to read "Ethics From The Barrel Of A Gun". Because it isn't just in economics that free men's liberties are being palsied, and "that right choices are possible, and the ordinary judgement of ordinary men is sufficient to make them" should be remembered.

Anonymous said...

Secession now!

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