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Thursday, August 20, 2009

White House planning to wind down Clunkers program - AP
Corporate Defaults Soar to $453 Billion, S&P Reports - Bloomberg
Rio Tinto profits tumble as commodity boom falters - Telegraph
CFTC says 2 commodity funds must follow position limits - MarketWatch
Pimco Says Dollar to Weaken as Reserve Status Erodes - Bloomberg
Southern California home sales and prices rise in July - LA Times
42% of California loans under water - O.C. Register
Texas bank hit by California dreaming - CNN/Money

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Oil holds above $72 after big drawdown - AP
Gold edges up above $940, eyes on dollar - Reuters
Gold Or Oil: What’s A Better Inflation Hedge? - HAI
Global gold jewellery demand dips, offsets investors - Commodity Online
PIMCO'S El-Erian: U.S. stock rally has hit a wall - Reuters
Why oil won't return to triple digits - CNN/Money

New jobless claims rise unexpectedly to 576K - AP
Is U.S. Hyperinflation a Clear and Present Danger? - SafeHaven
White House to Cut Deficit Estimate for 2009 to $1.58 Trillion - Bloomberg
Fund manager survey finds economic optimism at 6-year high - MarketWatch
Part of new credit card law kicks in Thursday - USA Today

UBS to Divulge 4,450 Account Names - Time
No interest rate change likely before April: Analyst - CHINADaily
King wanted to buy half the UK government debt market - Telegraph
What do Chinese farmers have to do with the price of copper? Plenty - Globe Investor
Darling 'to miss' UK borrowing target after record July deficit - Telegraph
King’s Dissent Offers Sign of Doubt About U.K. Recovery - WSJ Economics
Bear market looms in China, but it shouldn't affect U.S. - USAToday
So you think London’s expensive? It isn’t any more - TimesOnline

Manhattan office building sales at standstill - Reuters
Timing the Market: Krugman, Baker Buy Homes - WSJ Developments
Major depression common in foreclosed homeowners - AFP
Homeowners Still Deluded - CNBC

Bernanke, a Hero to His Own, Can’t Shake Critics - NY Times
FDIC May Add to Special Fees as Mounting Failures Drain Reserve - Bloomberg
Bernanke Diverging With King Means El-Erian Sees Dollar Decline - Bloomberg
Hoenig Stirs Debate on Bank Failures as Fed Forum Convenes - Bloomberg

Coming Soon: Lehman Brothers, the Movie - DealBook
Real Housewife Lynne Curtin Behind on Rent, Facing Eviction - ZillowBlog
The 10 most expensive countries for a pint - and the 10 cheapest - TimesOnline
Madoff’s Lover Stayed On Because of Tenderness, Lust - Bloomberg


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