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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Has the Housing Market Turned the Corner? - Time
Agency that insures bank deposits may need help - AP
China Curbs on Overcapacity Show Strength of Recovery - Bloomberg
Labor shortfall felt in coastal China as orders pile up - CHINADaily
Vacancies going nuts in tony Center City shopping district -
Grand total: 690,000 Clunkers clunked - CNN/Money
Can the soufflé really rise again? - Telegraph
A comment on house prices - Calculated Risk

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Oil falls to near $71 on faltering demand - AP
Gold steady above $940/oz, firm dollar weighs - Reuters
As Oil Explodes, Why Natural Gas Prices Stay Low - Time
Applying Roubini Wisdom to Stocks Means Missing Out - Bloomberg
Contribution limits for 401(k)s may decrease next year - MarketWatch
Kass: Market Has Likely Topped - The Street

Economy Contracted 1%, Less Than Anticipated - Bloomberg
Real US unemployment rate at 16 pct: Fed official - BrietBart
New Home Sales Climb Nearly Ten Percent - Wash. Post
After Cash for Clunkers, higher prices - CNN/Money
Faking Job References for a Price - ABCNews

Asian stocks fall as China plans to curb capacity - AP
House prices rise for fourth month in a row - Times Online
India’s Central Bank Signals Higher Interest Rates on Inflation - Bloomberg
China moves to address overcapacity in emerging sectors like wind power - China View
In Hard Times, China Overtakes Germany as Top Exporter - China Stakes
European Loan Growth Was Slowest on Record in July - Bloomberg
China wealth-fund chief tips buying spree - MarketWatch
No worker in one-sixth of UK households - FT

U.S. mortgage delinquencies up in July: Equifax - Reuters
Subprime Players Get Tax Money To Fix Subprime Mess - Center for Public Integrity
Adjustable Mortgages Loom as Threat to Housing Recovery - NY Times
Search 1,939,197foreclosures nationwide! - RealtyTrac

Fed's Lockhart: premature to consider rate hikes - Reuters
Mohamed El-Erian - Bernanke’s four point ‘to-do’ list - FT Alphaville
The Shell Game - How the Federal Reserve is Monetizing Debt - Chris Martenson
Bernanke: Central Bankers Bob the Builder? - SafeHaven

Foreclosure guilt haunts home buyers - USA Today
Now Lenny Dykstra Takes On Insurance Industry - CNBC
Farmers issue warning after fatal cow attacks - Reuters
China: Death row provides most organ donors - AP



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