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Cheronda's meeting with HR didn't go well

Monday, September 14, 2009

Well, apparently, whatever sad explanation that Cheronda Guyton, Wells Fargo senior Vice President responsible for Los Angeles area foreclosed commercial properties, offered the Human Resources staff after being spotted repeatedly in an $12 million Malibu Colony bank owned property formerly owned by a victim of Bernie Madoff - it didn't fly.

The LA Times reports that, the lady you see below (lots of pictures of the swanky house are available on the internet along with a tour, but apparently this is the only one for the party girl herself) will soon be looking for a new job because Wells Fargo just canned her.

IMAGE It's nice to finally get a look at Cheronda, though this picture is probably quite old, in much the same way that, when out on the road, one sometimes has to crane their neck to peer into another automobile to get a glimpse of the driver who has just done something so incredibly stupid that you just can't believe they actually did what you just saw them do.

The details are, somehow, anticlimactic:

Wells Fargo & Co. said it fired an employee who had been accused of using a bank-owned home in the exclusive Malibu Colony for personal use.

The Times reported last week that Cheronda Guyton, a Wells Fargo senior vice president, had been seen using the beachfront home by neighbors after the bank acquired it from the former owners, Lawrence and Linda Elins.

A real estate agent for the Elins said the couple had been devastated by losses in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, and had been forced to sign over the property to Wells Fargo to help satisfy a larger debt.

Guyton, who was responsible for commercial foreclosed properties for Wells Fargo, could not be reached for comment.

In a statement today, Wells said its internal investigation concluded that "a single team member was responsible for violating our company policies. As a result, employment of this individual has been terminated."

"We deeply regret the activities that have taken place as they do not reflect the conduct we expect of our team members," the statement added.

Although the statement did not mention the fired employee by name, Wells Fargo spokeswoman Jennifer Langan confirmed that it was Guyton.

Neighbors in the Malibu neighborhood, whose residents include actor Tom Hanks, said they saw Guyton's family staying at the house and said Guyton apparently hosted a party in August at which guests were ferried to the beach house from a yacht offshore.
It looks like the parties are over...

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albrt said...

I guess the Wells Fargo training program didn't cover the golden rule of banking - "only old white guys can get away with stuff like that."

Seriously, like the neighbors in Malibu would even notice a white guy having a yacht party.

Tim said...

Wow. Didn't really think of angle, which adds a whole new level of bizarre to the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Please spare us your white guy holier-than-thou angle, where you're saving the world from racism by pointing out hypocrisy. My parents live in a modest 3 bedroom 30 year old home in GA. To one side is a $10M hotel-looking mansion owned by a black UPS board member. On the other a 4.7M home owned by a hip-hop star. Given that this isn't even in the entertainment capital of the world, where one might expect to find a higher percentage of wealthy black owners, I think it's pretty good evidence that it's hardly rare these days to see a black person own and use a nice home.

Only in your stereotypical view of the world does anyone particularly notice a black person living the high life, at the beach or elsewhere.

PS. So far, no klan sponsored cross burnings in the neighborhood, either.

Anonymous said...

Have to second anon at 6:12 AM there Albrt. Cheronda got the ass canning she deserved.

Adam said...

No doubt she deserved it. But she is a scapegoat.

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