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Friday, September 11, 2009

Millions More Thrust Into Poverty - Wash. Post
Stocks Advance on Reports From China - Bloomberg
Harvard's endowment drops sharply amid recession - AP
GM will offer 60-day, money-back guarantee on new cars - USA Today
Economics focus: What if Lehman had not failed? - Economist
Geithner Tells Town Hall: 'We Have to Change Things' - CNBC
BofA says still in talks to exit government pact - Reuters
After a Year of Crisis, Taking Stock - Wash. Post

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Oil eases below $72 on demand doubts - Reuters
Gold Gains as Dollar’s Drop Fuels Demand - Bloomberg
Insiders sell like there's no tomorrow - CNN/Money
Some critics worry stocks' big climb isn't on solid footing - USA Today
Cautiously, Small Investors Edge Back Into Stocks - NY Times
Speculators and the oil price: Data drilling - Economist
Sell Block: Avoid This Natural Gas ETF - CNBC

Import prices jump 2% on higher oil - MarketWatch
Fiscal policy:The other exit strategy - Economist
Census: Income fell sharply last year - USA Today
Mania for Short-Term Results Hurts Economy - Wash. Post
Obama saved 1 million jobs, White House says - CSM
1929: Then and Now - Mises

China Still Requires Stimulus, Wen Says - WSJ
Carney sees recovery on the horizon - Globe Investor
European Commission sees galloping UK debt crisis - Telegraph
China Recovery Quickens as Production, Lending Climb - Bloomberg
Bank of England holds rates at 0.5pc and QE at £175bn - Telegraph
Indonesia's future: A golden opportunity - Economist
House prices rise again, says Halifax - Guardian
The G20 meetings: What next? - Economist

Home Prices Could Fall by Another 25%: Whitney - CNBC
Housing Recovery Has ‘Long Road,’ Fannie Mae CEO Says - Bloomberg
U.S. Foreclosure Filings Top 300,000 for Sixth Straight Month - Bloomberg
Federal Incentives Coming for Short Sales, Deeds-in-Lieu - HousingWire

Geithner says less need for government in markets - Reuters
Kohn Downplays Risk Of Fed Dependency On Fiscal Authorities - Interactive Investor
Treasury to Shift TARP's Focus To Small Businesses, Banks - Wash. Post
A Look Inside Fed’s Balance Sheet - WSJ Economics

The future of car buying: Don't supersize me - AP
Nicolas Cage estate, once listed at $35 million, now $9.95 million - LA Land
Neighbors: Exec. moved into bank-owned beach home - AP
Buttonwood: Too big for its Gucci boots - Economist


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