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Friday, September 18, 2009

FHA's Cash Reserves Will Drop Below Requirement - Wash. Post
U.S. Proposes Ban on ‘Flash’ Trading on Wall Street - NY Times
House to vote on extending unemployment benefits - CNN/Money
Fed: Household Net Worth Off $12.2 Trillion From Peak - Calculated Risk
CNBC Viewership Down 37% In Overall Viewers Category - Zero Hedge
Barack Obama and free trade: Economic vandalism - Economist
Interview: Five Questions for William K. Black - Bearish News
Peter Schiff Announces Bid for US Senate - Schiff for Senate
Parents sacrifice retirement for kids’ tuition - CNN/Money

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Oil below $72 on concerns demand recovery slow - AP
Gold steady, halts retreat from 18-mth high - Reuters
Is the Rally Ending, or Does it Have More to Go? - The Big Picture
Obama’s reform speech fizzles; banks set to reinflate bubble - New Deal 2.0
As Dow 10,000 looms, a time to worry - MarketWatch
Sell equities - Credit Writedowns

CNN Poll: U.S. still in a serious recession - CNN/Money
Recovery's cornerstone has yet to be placed - MarketWatch
Underperforming gold and guns point to a better economy - USA Today
Unemployed homeowners could get financial assistance - USA Today
Oil prices mean perpetual recession - Financial Post

The IMF: Back from the dead - Economist
China’s coming magnificent bubble - Reuters
Global house prices: It's life, Jim - Economist
China sovereign wealth fund may sign commodity trader - MarketWatch
Britain's budget deficit widens to third worst on record - Telegraph
China to world: No more shiny metals for you - FT AlphaVille
Ireland's bad bank: The morning after - Economist
Oilwatch Monthly September 2009 - The Oil Drum

"Option" mortgages to explode - Reuters
Rates on fixed-rate mortgages fall again - MarketWatch
1.4 million Americans score $8,000 tax credit - CNN/Money
Loan Modifications, Hope, Lies and Misinformation - Blown Mortgage

The Impact on Mortgage Rates of the Fed buying MBS - Calculated Risk
Exclusive – Wells Fargo’s Commercial Portfolio is a ticking time bomb - Bank Implode
Fed’s Assets Rise to Most Since May on Mortgage-Debt Purchases - Bloomberg
Fed to screen bank pay policies: report - Reuters

Taking showers 'can make you ill' - BBC
Sold! Bernie Madoff Beach House Goes to Contract at $8.75 Mil + - ABC News
Most Oklahoma High School Students Can't Name the First U.S. President - News9
Teen birth rates highest in most religious states - MSNBC


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