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Monday, September 07, 2009

China alarmed by US money printing - Telegraph
Mortgage Market Bound by Major U.S. Role - Wash. Post
A year after meltdown: Tough questions, choices - AP
China buying to push up gold prices to record level - Commodity Online
Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance - NY Times
Possible October surprises - Hutchinson, Prudent Bear
How and When Will the Global Crisis End? - CNBC
No Exit - Noland, Prudent Bear

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Oil up to near $68 ahead of OPEC meeting - AP
Gold bugs brace, as metal tests $1,000 again - MarketWatch
Chanos Warned about Coming Financial Crash in 2007 - Huffington Post
Equity Fund Outflows Surge, $4.29 Billion From U.S. - Bloomberg
New Exotic Investments Are Emerging on Wall Street - NY Times
Investors see few reasons to send market higher - AP

Layoffs toughest on young, older workers - AP
Preview: Trade Gap Was Probably Little Changed - Bloomberg
Cash-strapped California schools seek commercial sponsors for funding - LA Times
Where delinquent borrowers go for help - AP
Economic crash in Oregon boomtown - BBC

Britain heading back to the dark ages - Telegraph
G-20 May Curb Banker Pay, Profit at Pittsburgh Summit - Bloomberg
Hong Kong and Shanghai extend rally as Nikkei rebounds - MarketWatch
Banks are overvaluing toxic property loans, experts warn - Guardian
China 2009 Vehicle Sales May Rise 28% on Stimulus, Pass U.S. - Bloomberg
Does the world have the courage to deal with its debts? - Telegraph
China to Use Regulatory Tools to Adjust Bank Lending - Bloomberg
Russia's one-factory towns struggle to survive - AP

Housing market may be nearing equilibrium - LA Times
FHA Loans Starting to Default in Increasing Numbers - Benzinga
The "Other" Real Estate Issue- Revisited - Contrary Investor
4 signs your home value could drop - MSN Money

G-20 Europeans Defeated By Tim Geithner - ClusterStock
Will Rand Paul Take up the Federal Reserve Fight in the Senate? - ABN
What Would the United States Look Like Without the Federal Reserve? - Global Research
Did Bernanke save US from another Great Depression? - AFP

Fla. boaters urged to look out for missing robot - AP
Morgan Stanley CEO No Longer Needs to Worry About Parking - Curbed
Madoff Scam Reached Family of SEC Official Whose Unit Got Tip - Bloomberg
Japan's new first lady says rode in a spaceship - Reuters


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