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Monday, September 14, 2009

Crisis has not altered Wall Street - LA Times
Obama aims to reinvigorate Wall Street reform - Reuters
U.S. Is Finding Its Role in Business Hard to Unwind - NY Times
Gold investors warned to liquidate after 'buying frenzy' - Telegraph
Stiglitz: Banking Problems Are Now Bigger Than Pre-Lehman - Bloomberg
Wall Street’s Math Wizards Forgot a Few Variables - NY Times
'I Expect a Currency Crisis or Semi-Crisis': Jim Rogers - CNBC
3 more bank failures bring 2009 total to 92 - MarketWatch
Same Old Hope: This Bubble Is Different - NY Times
And No Dialing Back - Noland, Prudent Bear

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Oil drops below $69 as dollar gains, stocks slide - AP
Gold Falls From 18-Month High on Stronger Dollar - Bloomberg
Conditional Expectations and September Seasonality - Hussman Funds
CFTC Moving Toward Transparency - Hard Assets Investor
A golden opportunity for investors? - MSN Money
Ten Bubbles in the Making - Yahoo! Finance Gold Myths Cheat Sheet - iTulip

Car dealers fight slow sales after end of Clunkers - AP
Preview: ‘Clunkers’ Probably Boosted Retail Sales - Bloomberg
US Economy Facing 'Death by a Thousand Cuts': Roubini - CNBC
Obama tries to coax the middle class into saving for college - LA Times
Depression-era dinnerware keeps maker afloat - AP

EU forecasts end to recession - AP
'False dawn' in UK housing market - BBC
Canadians richer, but deeper in debt - Globe Investor
U.S. tire duties fuel trade tension with China - Reuters
Cheap dollars are sowing the seeds of the next world crisis - Telegraph
OECD calls an end to the global recession - The Independent
EU faces 'existential' danger from economic crisis - Telegraph
Global economic crisis to continue: IMF chief - Reuters

Has housing hit most positive point in slump? - OC Register
Fannie Mae: Housing market recovery to take time -
Recession may forge a housing shift in California - LA Times
Tax credit puts pressure on first-time home buyers - Chicago Tribune

Fed may shun "gradualist" rate hike pace - Reuters
Risk-taking is back for banks 1 year after crisis - AP
Fed, BOE Stimulus Exits May Differ on Bond Analysis, BIS Says - Bloomberg
Fed Must Police Against Excess to Avoid Crisis: Roach - CNBC

On board Madoff's boats - CNN/Money
Did Steve Jobs spin the NY Times? - Fortune
Danny Pang dies at 42; accused O.C. financier - LA Times
How marijuana became legal - Fortune


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