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Monday, September 21, 2009

World stocks lower as investors eye Fed meeting - AP
Obama wants G20 to rethink global economy - Reuters
Congress Presses for Details From BofA on Talks - NY Times
China Can’t Buy Enough Bonds as Dollar No Deterrent - Bloomberg
China, Russia potential buyers of IMF gold - Commodity Online
Debt deflation laboratory of the Baltics - Telegraph
Krugman: ‘End of World Postponed’ - Bloomberg
The real post-meltdown winners - MSN Money

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Oil falls below $71 amid weak demand - AP
Gold prices slump over IMF gold sale concerns - Commodity Online
Oil Options Hit Highs as Verleger Predicts 44% Plunge - Bloomberg
What onflation fears and fiat currencies mean for gold - Mineweb
China Weighs Purchase of IMF Gold - CNBC
Strenuously Overbought - Hussman Funds

House Moves to Extend Unemployment Benefits - CNBC
Savers need to spend to aid recovery, experts say - LA Times
42 states lose jobs in August; jobless rates rise in 27, D.C. - USA Today
A High-Stress Hustle for At-Home Entrepreneurs - Wash. Post
US Holiday Spending Seen Flat: Deloitte Forecast - CNBC

Financial regulation to top G20 agenda - Globe Investor
Bank of England warns of the consequences of thrift - Telegraph
Norway's sovereign wealth fund: £259bn and growing - Guardian
Merkel, Steinmeier Face ‘Mess’ as Stimulus Peters out - Bloomberg
Putin says US dollar issuance 'uncontrolled', calls for diversified reserves - AP
British firms must find hundreds of millions for bosses' pensions - Guardian
Once Slave to Luxury, Japan Catches Thrift Bug - NY Times
Great Indian Gold Rush launched - Commodity Online

Housing Suffering Relapse Confronts Bernanke - Bloomberg
Short sales spread, leaving frustration in their wake - Chicago Trib
Lennar loss nearly doubles as volumes, prices decline - MarketWatch
Opposing view: Extend, expand tax credit - USA Today

Fed meeting key to continued market rally - AP
Fed Rejects Geithner Governance Study Request - Bloomberg
Fed Watch: Even With Growth, A Long, Hard Road - Wall St. Pit
Obama Scolds Bankers, Appeals to Moral Compass - Bloomberg

St. Louis coffee spill costs campus $200,000 - AP
Effort to Shush Loud TV Commercials - LiveScience
Paterson Will Run -- Despite White House Concerns - WSJ
For Wings, Nature Loves a Twist - LiveScience


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