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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bank of China’s Zhu Sees ‘Bubbles’ in Asset Markets - Bloomberg
Failing loans for commercial real estate threaten small banks - USA Today
Stock market may collapse again, TCW's Gundlach says - MarketWatch
OPEC Agrees to Keep Oil Production Quotas Unchanged - Bloomberg
New jobs work out for 7.6m,unrest ruled out - CHINADaily
Health Care: WAKE UP WASHINGTON! - Market Ticker
The Merrill Lynch bonus saga drags on - CNN/Money
What Would Warren Do? - The Atlantic

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Oil climbs to near $72 amid weak dollar - AP
Gold at $1000: WGC says gold's demand base rising - Commodity Online
Trends that have Tracked the Great Depression - Thought Offerings
IEA raises oil-demand forecasts for 2009 and 2010 - MarketWatch
Showtime for Visible Roots and Fruit - Hussman Funds
Five Reasons to Avoid the Gold Rush - The Big Picture
The (Not So) Hidden Costs of Crude - NY Times

New jobless claims fall more than expected to 550K - AP
Trade Deficit Widens Most Since 1999 as Imports Surge - Bloomberg
Manufacturing coming around, but at a slow pace: study - MarketWatch
U.S. recession ends, jobless outlook bleak - Reuters
Depression versus Recession? - The Big Picture

With Recovery Slow, Bank of England Sits Tight - NY Times
Australia jobless rate stays at 5.8% in August - MarketWatch
India food prices surging on poor monsoon; WPI falls - Reuters
Schwab: China to lead world out of global economic gloom - CHINADaily
Wen Says China ‘Cannot’ Yet Pull Back on Stimulus - Bloomberg
Canada posts near-record trade deficit in July - Reuters
China’s love-hate relationship with the dollar - FT
This Keen professor overlooked by MSM - SMH

In Florida, Vestiges of the Boom - NY Times
Treasury: Millions More Foreclosures Coming - Calculated Risk
Cramdown Is Back: Banks Against Homeowners, Round 2 - Huffington Post
Modification of troubled mortgages on slow pace - USA Today

FDIC considers extension of debt-guarantee program - MarketWatch
How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession - Huffington Post
Economy stabilizing, Fed's Beige book says - MarketWatch
Key lending rate sinks to record low - CNN/Money

25 Best Places to Retire - CNN/Money
50 Cent Shares His Attitude Toward Investing - CNBC
Michael Moore declares all-out war on capitalism - LA Times
Detached gecko tails dance to their own tune - PhysOrg


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