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Thursday, September 17, 2009

FDIC Packages Loans From Failed Banks - Wash. Post
Cuomo Is Said to Issue Subpoenas in Merrill Case - NY Times
Volcker Says ‘Long Way to Go’ for Full U.S. Recovery - Bloomberg
Rep. Alan Grayson Talks Fed Transparency and Missing Money - Wall St. Cheat Sheet
Hearing to be held on HR 1207 Audit the Fed bill in late September - Political Lore
End the Fed? Ron Paul Is Wrong for All the Right Reasons - Bloomberg
U.S. about to hit debt ceiling - again - CNN/Money
Feeding the Ducks on Wall Street - Huffington Post
Where are the subprime perp walks? - CNN/Money

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Oil holds above $72 on signs US economy improving - AP
Gold, Near Record, May Extend Rally on Dollar - Bloomberg
Asian Markets at New Highs for Year; Europe Gains - NY Times
Stock Market Rally: Shenanigans Abounding - Jesse's Cafe
Oil Demand Forecasts Illustrated - FT
Taking a Chance on Risk, Again - Dealbook

U.S. housing starts, permits rise in August - Reuters
Jobless claims drop 12,000 to 545,000 - MarketWatch
Chrysler Executives Say U.S. Industry Sales Plunging - Bloomberg
The Greatest Depression:9/15/2008 – 9/15/2009 - New York Magazine
Amid Downturn, Supermarkets Cut Prices - Wash. Post

Bank of Japan keeps key interest rate unchanged - AP
London Finance Jobs in Biggest 2009 Gain, Survey Says - Bloomberg
Japan: We Don’t Want to Exclude the US, But… - Asia Times
Record one in five young people out of work - Times Online
China’s Pig Farmers Amass Copper, Nickel, Sucden Says - Bloomberg
Andy Xie: What We Can Learn as Japan's Economy Sinks -
Riled Chinese tire-makers refuse to roll over - CHINADaily
High Jobless Rates Could Last Years, O.E.C.D. Says - NY Times
Global Debt Comparison - Economist

The Final Demise Of A Speculative Housing Bubble - ClusterStock
Senior Couple Being Screwed Royally By Mortgage Servicer - Mandelman Matters
California Foreclosure Filings Drop 19%: ForeclosureRadar - HousingWire
Foreclosures Dominate Phoenix Condo Market - Housing Doom

Clearing skies over U.S. economy open rift at Fed - Reuters
The Fed and other bank regulators eye commercial loans - MarketWatch
Treasury says will park less funds at Fed - MarketWatch
Is the Fed's Pumping Inflationary? - Mises

Capitalism’s Little Tramp - NY Times
Little girl's foul toss makes dad a celebrity - AP
Google asks employees for cost-cutting ideas - Fortune
Spawning Salmon - The Big Money


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