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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Henry Paulson’s Longest Night - Vanity Fair
Why China's Stock Market Bubble Is Fizzling - Time
You are Part of the Biggest Ponzi Scheme of All - Plan B Economics
September historically has been the worst month for stocks - MarketWatch
The Bailout Bonanza: TARP's early returns are impressive - Bloomberg
The (Intentionally) Misleading Mainstream Media - Market Ticker
Citigroup shares fall on Barron's story - AP
End of Summer Blues - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil rises above $70 as markets stabilize - AP
Stocks: A down day in a strong month - CNN/Money
Lehman shares jump in over-the-counter trading - AP
“Thinking about thinking?” - Saut, Raymond James
Will Gold reach $5000 plus? - Money Talks
Copper and BHP - Pazzmundo

"Clunkers" to boost U.S. auto sales - Reuters
One Thing's Clear on Economy: Mixed Signals - Wash. Post
The Savings Rate Has Recovered…if You Ignore the Bottom 99% - Naked Captialism
Fla. Unemployment Borrowing May Top $1 Billion - ProPublica
Beware, inflation is on the way - MarketWatch

Eurozone jobless at 10-year high - BBC
China manufacturing gains despite share gloom - CHINADaily
Canada Economy Shrank at 3.4% Pace in Second Quarter - Bloomberg
The Root Cause of China's Recent Stock Market Decline - The Epoch Times
Russian Delinquent Loans Grew to 5.5% in July, Report Shows - Bloomberg
It’s not yet the end of China’s massive stimulus - China Financial Markets
Irish state plans to take stake in debt-ridden banks - Guardian
Shanghai housing prices hit new high in Aug - CHINADaily

What Banks Are Really Doing With Foreclosures - Olick, CNBC
Why are commercial real estate markets so often gridlocked? - Time
California homeowners facing insurance rate hikes - LA Times
Madoff's Long Island Beach Getaway Up for Sale - CNBC

Dudley: Fed Can Avoid ‘Bad Inflation Outcome’ - Bloomberg
Insiders: Bernanke Pick a Sign of Obama's Weakness - US News
What Would a Federal Reserve Audit Show? - WSJ Economics
The Duplicity of Ben Bernanke - Mises

Marijuana's new high life - Times
BBC to Tell the World About Bend’s Bust - The Source
What Makes a Psychopath? Answers Remain Elusive - LiveScience
Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess - Wired


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