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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recovery Underway, Bernanke Suggests - Wash. Post
SEC has few options, none good, in BofA case - Reuters
Goldman's big rebound raises some eyebrows - USA Today
Lehman: Barclays Got $5B Discount, Wants Assets Back - Bloomberg
Was Lehman Just a ‘Symptom’? - NY Times
Bank crisis lessons 'not learned' - BBC
Lehman And Meritocracy - Forbes
The Moral Hazard Story - EconLog

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Oil hovers under $71 as US crude supplies climb - AP
No guarantee for gold’s bull run: GFMS - Commodity Online
Oil Risks Pullback to $59 If Support Fails: Technical Analysis - Bloomberg
Natural Gas ‘Widow Maker’ Seduces Unwary Investors: Eric Pooley - Bloomberg
Diamonds Post-Lehman Have No Aura as Buffett Can’t See Recovery - Bloomberg
Why a meltdown could happen again - MSN Money

U.S. consumer prices up 0.4 percent in August - Reuters
Credit cards take steps to help their users manage debt - USA Today
Many Employers to Raise Cost of Health Benefits, Survey Finds - Wash. Post
Searching for a Better Wealth Measure Than GDP - Time
Health insurance premiums jump in '09 - USA Today

Unemployment in industrial world to hit new high - AP
India’s gold imports rise by 300% in August - Commodity Online
India shares up on hopes of low rates, tax reports - MarketWatch
After gold, China's craze is for stockpiling copper - Commodity Online
Sovereign wealth fund wants foreign resources - CHINADaily
China may ban export of gold, silver - Commodity Online
Home repossessions fall 9% and stabilise - TimesOnline
Japan Airlines to cut 6,800 jobs - BBC

Fight Looming on Tax Break to Buy Houses - NY Times
Southland home prices move north for fourth consecutive month - LA TImes
Many mortgage modifications push payments .... higher - USA Today
Seven New Rules for the First-Time Home Buyer - NY Times

Greenspan Bubble Theory Draws 4.8 Million Shrugs - Bloomberg
Bernanke May Accept Slow Recovery to Fight Inflation - Bloomberg
Greenspan: Congress May Hamper Fed Inflation Fight - Bloomberg
Fed Chief Says Recession Is ‘Very Likely Over’ - NY Times
Obama Scolds Bankers, Appeals to Moral Compass - Bloomberg

Merrill Lynch Accuses 3 of 'Nefarious Plot' - Courthouse News
'Wall Street Journal' to start charging mobile readers - Reuters
Leno's shoddy debut augers badly for NBC - MarketWatch
Red hot realty puts off buyers - CHINADaily


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