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Weekend at Bernie's

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The story of Bernie Madoff's weekend beach house going up for sale has been popping up everywhere this morning - "Weekend at Bernie's" seems to be the most popular theme for headline writers and bucking that trend seemed to be pointless.

The place is in Montauk, New York an area about which little is known to me other than what was learned during a mid-1980s Robin Williams stand up routine. Williams had a gift for mocking the aristocracy and I can still see him with one hand on his hip and his nose in the air, about to deliver a punch line in some haughty tone.



Anonymous said...

What an ugly house.

Most get-rich-quick people have lousy taste, because the only thing they bother to know anything about is how to make money.

And they then assume they are smarter than anyone else, and don't need any advice on other things, like how to design a house that isn't a blight on the landscape.

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