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Financial crisis is now yesterday's news

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fareed Zakaria sounds the "all clear" for the global economy, apparently not bothering to look past any of the headlines or wondering about either the quality or sustainability of any of the economic growth being reported around the world.

This sort of thinking is quickly becoming conventional wisdom in much of the mainstream media where the financial crisis and economic collapse now seem to be yesterday's news.


Anonymous said...

The economy is back to normal, the US is still the consumer engine of the world economy, now financed directly by the US taxpayer rather then using home equity loans, Goldman Sachs is making money, now using the low cost money from the taxpayer to finance its gambling and I bet Fareed Zakaria is still making a nice chunk of change by spouting whatever his paymasters want him to say.

So everything is right with the world.


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